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    Plockmatic Pro35

    Are you using a fiery to send your files to your press? If so I believe the vdp tab in the properties in fiery can be used to tell the plock to split the file into multiple records. You just tell it how many pages per record and it should work. More info on this post...
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    Plockmatic PBM5035 RCT Skewing while Cutting

    I used to work with a similar setup with the inline plock on a ricoh 9200 and ran into a similar issue. Below I am linking to an older post that I found helpful for what seems to be a similar issue to what I was experiencing.
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    which digital presses have shortest delay inserting tabs and other mixed media?

    I used to do this on a Ricoh 9200, primarily when printing booklets inline with covers on an higher weight stock. I never had any issues with it causing jams or misfeeds. Sometimes I worried about toner adhesion on thick book covers so i would usually find a gsm that was the middle ground...
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    Multi page pdf folding

    Been a bit since I used a fiery but I believe you can just mark how many sheets per record under the VDP tab in fiery. I used to run variable booklets inline using that. Did not have to go through the process of setting up a vdp master and what not. (I.e my job would be 2000 sheets, then I would...
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    Trying to print folded text blocks for case bound book in sequential page order

    Hi, you might be able to go into the properties in CW6 and set the page count per "record" to 16 under the vdp tab. When you do this it should split the file into 16pgs increments in imposition. When you do the print you would then want to turn collating off if you plan to fold the 4 pagers...


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