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    Used Polar 92 ED or parts

    I’m on the lookout for a used Polar 92 ED, sensor arrays for such or a Gergek programmer. Any help would be appreciated.
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    polar-mohr 92 service manual

    Hi I am looking for the electrical schematic for a Polar 92ED. Does anyone have that available?
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    Best envelope feeder for QM46-2

    We actually got hold of a couple of the original Hiedelberg feeders and I’m having pretty good success with that. It can be a bit of a pain to get adjusted originally, but once set it’s great
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    Leibinger numbering machine torque

    Does anyone know the correct torque setting for mounting numbering boxes to the rings on a numbering machine in a QM46-2? Heidelberg will sell us a new preset torque driver for $400 or we can buy an adjustable for $100 if we know the torque. Heidelberg won’t tell us the torque spec.
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    Best envelope feeder for QM46-2

    Thanks for your answers gentlemen. I'll look into both feeders. Cheers!
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    Best envelope feeder for QM46-2

    I work in a small printshop and run 2 QM46-2 presses. We do a lot of envelopes and have been looking at purchasing an envelope feeder to increase consistency. The problem is, what feeders are available and which give the most consistent results. Does anyone know what works well with the QM46-2...


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