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    Mac OS 13 and Adobe Creative Suite / Pantone Connect

    works fine if you don't mind paying for it...a little clunky...some decent features.
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    Kodak Achieve platesetter Momentum rip Navigator

    I've used Xitron for ages and never had an issue with anything. I started using them in the mid 90's. It will just work.
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    ArtPro+ Vs Packz my response above...y'all missed that...std license w start up was about 18K...still a lot of scratch.
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    Xitron Ships 5,000th Navigator Digital Front End

    Same here. I've used them since the mid 90's in different shops.
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    Prepress production tracking software

    I'm in the NY Metro Area.
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    Prepress production tracking software

    What position did you take there, if you don't mind me asking.
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    Prepress production tracking software

    They want to eventually automate trucking too. We'll always need containers and labels and boxes to some degree. That's why I got into folding carton while the gettin' was good 25 years ago. We'll need boxes for as long as I'm around.
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    Prepress production tracking software

    I started Scitex CIPC>Scitex Imager>Scitex Prismax>Scitex PS/2>started integrating Macs about the Quadra 800 period...the rest is history. I've been in management most of my "career" jumping in and out of operator positons here and there for strategic reasons. I've done well for my position, but...
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    Prepress production tracking software

    I came up in the heyday of digital prepress pre Macintosh, so I've seen it all and it has become unskilled labor. I'm only 56 and not near retirement, so it looks pretty bleak for me. Get out while you can!
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    Prepress production tracking software

    I personally can't wait! 35 years is too long in this pit of a business.
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    odd question...anyone need old Snow Leopard installer disks for anything?

    Nah...I'll sell them with my Cabbage Patch dolls one day, lol.
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    Prepress production tracking software

    "in some cases prepress operator may not be necessary"...that's not a very friendly statement in these parts.
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    odd question...anyone need old Snow Leopard installer disks for anything?

    I have two unopened I just found. Sometimes folks have that old software they don't want to let go of and run older Macs. It's probably a difficult item to find if anyone in the universe actually needs it. lol. They are version 10.6.3 I also have the 10.6.7 combo update disks.
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    What's New from EskoArtwork

    Is there anyone left in this business? This place is a ghost town.
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    ArtPro+ Vs Packz

    Std license with startup and maintenance will run closer to 18K ,all said and done. Just checked my invoice. Got a few extras with mine, so you're right, 30K was bloated.
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    ArtPro+ Vs Packz

    one seat of PackZ will run you 30K plus retraining. A simple software upgrade seems a lot more sensible.
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    ArtPro+ Vs Packz

    I have a single seat of PackZ that purchased to replace Neo. We only use it to ingest .ai or .pdf without links or fonts and export to Illustrator native with their Round Trip plug in. We use Illustrator and Deskpack and I entertained the idea of replacing that, but between the expense and the...
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    Need Service Technician for CTP Platemaker I've known these guys for 30 years and bring them to every plant I've worked at. I know they travel. Good luck.


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