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  1. abc

    Enfocus 1-bit TIFFs

    It's going to have to be a separated screened 1-bit tiff(s) of course!
  2. abc

    Layout Software

    Ok understood, good luck.
  3. abc

    Layout Software

    It's not clear to me what problem you are trying to solve with this? Is this step needed in a modern workflow? Ideally an imposition layout is driven automatically by an upstream system such as an MIS via JDF/XML or similar. What benefit does this extra step add? Or is this aimed at a...
  4. abc

    Layout Software

    Who imposes manually anymore? 😀
  5. abc

    Fiery replacement

    Well it's certainly not free Simon. But it's modular so you can pick the package that suits you today and then add-on and extend functionality as needed. If you want to talk to someone about pricing just PM me.
  6. abc

    Fiery replacement

    Just an FYI. Not Rip based, but a standalone Imposition solution that integrates with Duplo devices and will work with any Rip. Will also drive multiple print engines as it's not tied to a Rip. You would be looking at the Impostrip Pro version...
  7. abc

    Microsoft Print to PDF driver and difficult documents

    Bit old advice, but still relevant. layers will disappear as well and of course transparency will be flattened as postscript does not support either.
  8. abc

    Microsoft Print to PDF driver and difficult documents

    So the process that is working for you is basically refrying the PDF to postscript and remaking the PDF. If you want to fix this within Preflight the key will be finding out what is causing the issue which is not straightforward. If converting the whole page to an image doesn't work for you it...
  9. abc

    nesting software on a budget

    We can help with that, drop me a PM if you'd like to discuss or have an online demo.
  10. abc

    Fiery impose licenses

    I would still read the Eula, from your description it's another seat of the software. and from my understanding it's a 'per seat' business model.
  11. abc

    Fiery impose licenses

    Not really smart to own up to that when you have your company name (if it's correct) in your print planet profile. I guess there is also a Eula attached to the demo version, might be worth a read?
  12. abc

    Fiery impose licenses

    If you are looking to centralize and automate your imposition and also potentially integrate your bindery as well, then I'll throw Ultimate Impostrip into the ring as well. While I don't know your actual needs, if you are looking at investing in a new solution it makes sense to look at all...
  13. abc

    Overprinting with Pitstop

    All things are possible. Easiest for the white objects is the 'Change Overprint' Global Change. Double click it to access the options, you probably only want the 'Set White objects to Knockout' part.
  14. abc

    Tickets for drupa-2024 are now available.

    Bigger, stronger, better, faster! normally....
  15. abc

    Pitstop Data Matrix Generation: sheet number/count variable vs page number count, or variable manipulation?

    Can confirm that Impostrip will do variable barcoding (and a lot, lot more) :)
  16. abc

    Pitstop Data Matrix Generation: sheet number/count variable vs page number count, or variable manipulation?

    You can't manipulate that fixed variable (unless something changed in the last two years). If you have Switch you would be better off using the variable sets in PitStop and taking the values from Switch.
  17. abc

    Fiery missing font issue

    Typically an Action List in PitStop is for a specific task. A preflight profile would be a better choice for file checking, you can modify an existing one if you don't want all the checks. The GWG ones provide a good reference if you have doubts, the Digital Print ones would be worth checking out.
  18. abc

    Illustrator as a PDF editor

    You are supply the cutter file, so it's a essentially just a path, a vector based graphic. That's a very simplistic thing. To import that into Illustrator and combine it with an existing illustrator design is not dangerous and not a problem. What can be problematic is to import a PDF of a...
  19. abc

    Suggestions on preflight for problem documents (legal repro)

    What preflight software do you have? Acrobat, PitStop, Callas or something else?


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