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    Duplo DC-646 v Duplo DC-618

    I am in the same boat and very interested in the Duplo 616 OR the 618. I know the 616 maxes out at 350 GSM and the 618 maxes at 400 GSM. Any other huge differences or concerns one way or the other? Agreed with BigSi a used model for either vs the ridiculous cost of a new one.
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    Xerox Versant 180- printing Extra Long (CEL) sheets

    We have a Xerox Versant 180 and are currently running a 12x26 sheet for a 6-pager, stock is uncoated cover 200 GSM (under the max 220 GSM), and the sheets are jamming every 5-10. Most of the jams occur in the fuser section, the other jams are in bypass tray when feeding (easy to clear). Any...
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    Xerox Versant 180 - Minimum XLS Sheet Size?

    We are currently running a 12x26 sheet for a 6-pager, stock is 200 GSM, and the sheets are jamming every 5-10. Most of the jams occur in the fuser section, the other jams are in bypass tray when feeding (easy to clear). Any suggestions on how to get the sheets to print a little easier? Sorry...
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    Toner / colordrum issue xerox versant

    We have Versant 180. Just talked to our service techs about some parts issues and they mentioned the toner problem. They explained to look at your toner date codes on the sides of the boxes. Techs say do not use any 2021 toner made before march 1st 2021, would be a julian code of 60 (see...
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    Ink jet envelope printer

    Can anyone give me a rough cost on the Mach 6? Just looking for a ballpark, thanks.
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    vastech processor manual

    Does anyone have the operation and maintenance manual for a Vastech 3-Bath Online 1020-014? I looked online and could not find much useful information about maintenance, chemicals, etc. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Hydraulic Cutter advice- Baum/Polar or Challenge?

    Yes, Boggs/Wired bids is always a great starting point. My issue buying a used cutter and finding someone to service it. Apprecite it thanks
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    Hydraulic Cutter advice- Baum/Polar or Challenge?

    We are currently looking at a small hydraulic cutter for our print shop, and wanted some opinions. First our shop equipment and cutting needs. We run both small offset presses (AB Dick QP25 and 9985) and digital eqipment (Xerox Versant 180 and Ricoh 8100). The majority of our sheets are...
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    small press repair near Erie PA

    We have a couple of AB Dick presses that need repair help, a 9985 and a QP25, and we are located in Erie PA. Looking for contact information for repair people from Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Buffalo or anywhere in between. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Just curious which Aircare unit you grabbed and if it is still working OK. We are looking to solve humidity issues for a xerox V80, and it sounds like the responses have been pretty helpful. Our shop is about 2500 square feet
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    AB Dick QP25- "Emergency SW Trouble"

    Our AB Dick QP25 stops dead of it's own accord quite frequently with the control panel display reading 'Emergency Sw Trouble'... Anyone else had this problem? We have tried to take off the safety guard covers to see if something was tripped, no luck. Anyone else have this problem or a...
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    Xerox J75 verse Xerox 700

    We got rid of our 700 in June and switched to a C75. I would have loved the J75 but not worth the added cost given our clicks per month. The 700 struggled with the heavier weight stocks but the C75 has no problems with the stock up to 110# uncoated cover. The machine we have has the decurling...
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    C75 is it worth buying for production??? Is Konica Minolta 1070 better?

    We installed a C75 at the end of June, so far so good. It does nice job on color and registration on the Auto-duplex, which goes up to 110# uncoated cover i think. Faster than the 700 that it replaced for 100#gloss cover. We have the decurling unit with our unit and it does a nice job on...
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    Formax FD 120 or Duplo CC288 - Business Card Slitters/cutter - advice required

    check out the RB Sun Enterprises slitters. They have a few different versions (with and without gutters, 10-up and 12 up) and all are cost effective. The machines come with two parts, one to do the initial cut (cards in strips) and one to finish the cards. The machines are connected and slide...
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    Best Offline UV Coater option

    We just finished looking at several different small format UV coating machines, narrowed it down to three: TecLighting TRU16, Kompaq Ez Coat 15 and the Als UV/American UV 20" (PSC20 1/3d). We considered about 6 different machines and narrowed it down to these three. Two machines, the Kompaq...
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    Business card cutter verse old fashion Guillotine

    I was doing some research on business card slitters and hoping to ask the group for a recommendation. After reading these posts i think we have a few options. First, what we have. Currently run a Xerox 700 and looking at a Ricoh and Xerox to replace the it in the next few months. We also...
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    Xerox J75 user thoughts please

    We are currently looking hard at the J75 but are considering a Ricoh or KM machine TBD. I really like that we can do some replacement/service ourselves on the Xerox (currently have the 700 and like that aspect a ton), i believe that is an option on some Ricoh models but not sure about the KM...
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    UV Coating Machines

    We are a mix, could be super small runs and could be 1500-2000. Probably caught between the two for an average run of 200-300. I really like the Kompac but the 15 seems REALLY small, maybe you dont need that extra drying space/length like the Duplo or Tec but not sure.
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    UV Coating Machines

    Did you look at either the duplo or tec machines at the show? Just curious what if anything you remember about those devices.


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