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    Print Problem Xerox 700

    The fuser have heat roll and pressure belt for larger nip. This make better fusing on large paper and duples print.
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    Print Problem Xerox 700

    Max Setup is a series of adjustments. I can provide you service manual to do yourself if you think you have enough skills to selfservice the printer.
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    Print Problem Xerox 700

    Max Setup is service procedure. You must have the service manual for do it. Even the fuser life is ok you can check it. Or place a call to service tech.
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    Print Problem Xerox 700

    Too much toner on the paper and looks the fuser is the problem. Check the fuser heat roll and belt. Also need Max Setup procedures to restore the correct amount of toner on the paper
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    Xerox fault code 026-401

    Tell to the xerox tech check for blockages in the HCF. There are several bulletins about error 78-100/101/102. 26-401 error may appear due to these blockages in the registration area.
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    Xerox fault code 026-401

    What others faults are in machine history error log?
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    Xerox Versant 180 wrinkles in paper

    None of these. This is:
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    Xerox 1000i - Diagnostics not loading properly due to press serial number being "Not Available"

    Machine show 'integrated' or 'degraded' mode? Sent you email. Check.
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    Nobody will give me a service contract for my Versant 180 despite low use & being immaculate.

    If you want to self maintain the machine it is available the service manual in pdf format or pws laptop as xerox tech have.
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    Xerox Versant 80 rip

    There is no builtin print controller into V80 so you must use Fiery for print.
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    Versant 4100 image problem

    Call your tech for check fuser belt encoder or replace it and check paper transport assy.
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    Versant 4100 image problem

    Speed diference between 2ndBTR and fuser belt. Go to create stock profile and in advance setup set paper speed at image transfer for different values like 0.2, 0.5 and so on.
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    Xerox C75 Press. Cyan toner leak

    Probably the cyan drum waste coupling is defective and drum waste is full.
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    Xerox Versant 80- Purchase?

    The service manual ( edoc ) is common for V80/180 and 280. Many many spare parts is also common for this production multifunctional family. So , I think, it can be under contract with Xerox many years from now. Also are independent techs. They can do a good service for V80. In fact any good...
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    Xerox Versant 280 Scratch Lines?

    I have never heard that the registration rollers scratch, at least not in one side mode. In one side mode the rollers come into contact with the paper before toner is placed on the paper and then no longer come into contact with the paper. Even if there are dents on the rollers, they do not give...
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    Versant 280 Registration

    There is a whole suite of procedures for registration in service mode. All these procedures must be performed in a certain order to obtain the best results. Place a call to xerox tech or purchase service manual and do it yourself.
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    Print problem v180

    Place a call to xerox service. Machine have xerographics problems ( developer, drum, voltages )


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