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    Xerox Versant 180 versus 180i

    Canada is introducing the Versant 280 but though it advertises 400 GSM it is still a Friction Feed large capacity tray. What is the chance of buying with the Manual sheet feeder only and adding the High Capacity Vacuum Feed when they finally get around to selling the Vacuum Feed High Capacity...
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    Xerox Versant 280 versus Ricoh Pro C5310 versus Canon C710 or C810

    What was your price difference between 3100 and 180, was the machine double in initial cost? More than double is what I am getting told, yet they did acknowledge having 2 old stock or demo units to move as they bring in the new units that accept the metallics and higher GSM. They have not...
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    Xerox Versant 280 versus Ricoh Pro C5310 versus Canon C710 or C810

    I am looking at these 3 brands, it seems Konica Minolta is not offered in my area Dawson Creek and Fort St. John BC Canada, well the Canon dealer theoreticly does but has the Canon C710's in service. Our Current unit is a Xerox 700i with Xerox FreeFlow and a separate Black Xerox 4110, and the...
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    Xerox Versant 180 vs Ricoh C7200

    When we purchased a Graphic Whizard we had issues with it cracking on creasing. Probably too much clay and not enough fiber. Fortunately other brands did not have the issue. I would try another brand like Productolith , sorry I am semi-retired now so not sure what papers they are running now but...
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    Fiery or Not ?

    Xerox in Canada is quoting us on the Versant 180 replacement, the 280 which is 350 gsm duplex or 400 gsm single sided, The issue with them is they have 2 Fiery RIPs, and for us they only want to quote for 5 years, after that the click charge can be ridiculous. Anyway I hate being the last...
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    BMP 350 square back booklet maker also sold as BM 35 square back booklet maker

    Has anyone bought one of these to see if they can get their volume up to buy a industrial solution like a Plockmatic I can be reached off line at [email protected] if you prefer to discuss...
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    Flawless BW production printer

    How is it or the VarioPrints on digital Carbonless papers? We have a Xerox 108 and 125 both old and around 10,000,000 impressions each. They tend to have issues on heavier stocks, 240 gsm max but I don't recommend, and carbonless seems to cause the rubber rollers in delivery to separate from...
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    High speed steel or tungsten carbide?

    I see this is an old posting but thought to add a bit. We had a issue a year back where what was supposed to be a sharp blade would not even cut through the 28" stock after a few cuts, yet used to do so no problem. Anyway its not a big name cutter and blades appear to be a bit thinner than an...
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    Baum31.5" Cutter or Challenge 305 Cutter

    Having the piston blow out sounds terrible and unacceptable. We have a 25 year old hydraulic and programmable 28.5" cutter that was made in Colombia and resold as a Trojan in Canada by the company that makes Gergek computerized cutter controls in Canada and upgraded it to electronic...
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    QMDI computer upgrade

    Check the CPU fan is running on the DI computer - on my older DI Pro the fan was not. I believe the unit then goes into a safety mode at much lower speed to keep from melting the CPU.
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    Flatbed scanner woes

    The standard would be a scanner on a color copier, 600 dpi capable, 11.5x17 & A3, 30 to 100 scans per minute or simple 1 at a time placed on the glass. More recent units in the last 5 years include calibration capability using a provided target. Ken
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    The end of negative film?

    After contacting a printer list for Fuji's phone number (because Fuji doesn't list phone numbers on their website and yellow pages directs to a 10 year old number), I contacted Fuji regarding purchase of negative film for our Extraa Setter ran with a Ripit software imagesetter as we recently put...
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    Automated Blanket Cleaner wash for Heidelberg DI

    I have been using Varn Pronto in the automated blanket washers of my Heidelberg DI as that was the recommendation of the Presstek installer several years ago. I don't think this is a water miscible product and was thinking something mixed with a bit of water might do a better job of removing...
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    Recommend Hardware for RIP - Caldera vs Onyx

    I intend to try a Caldera-Debian 64 bit using Workstation components, also trial of Onyx with Windows and same components so must be large enough for Onyx - if system is unstable with Caldera but we like it otherwise I can buy a Mac as you recommend. I will try and cut and paste intended...
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    Recommend Hardware for RIP - Caldera vs Onyx

    Unable to profile the 12 color Canon would be a good reason, if you could do better in Onyx - Alternatively if you have a Xrite I wonder if it would work Xrite spectro profiling software? I would give them a call. Or perhaps the issue is you are using a embedded spectro - I've heard of issues...
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    Recommend Hardware for RIP - Caldera vs Onyx

    I did some searches on Printplanet and signs101 for "Onyx Caldera" . I came across people switching from Onyx to Caldera, though Onyx now has a Adobe APPE RIP as well as Caldera, but none going from Caldera to Onyx. To trial both appears to require a much more potent system for Onyx. Regards...
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    Recommend Hardware for RIP - Caldera vs Onyx

    We ordered a HP 260 Latex and a separate cutter. Caldera appears to be a 64 bit RIP so looks like it should use all RAM for system, however what is recommended vs minimum configuration on their site? Does one use the RIP for viewing files or use their workstation and remote in? If using RIP...
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    Xerox 560 vs C75...

    We thought to go with the 560 from Doc 240 but went with 700i because of 1. being able to duplex 300gsm card 2. Getting the APPE PDF capable RIP so files with transparencies would print correctly without white boxes - yes you can obtain that by using Adobe Acrobat and printing as Image but...
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    Continual Problems with Konica C8000

    I just looked at the Innovolt site; it seems to have a device for 30 amps 240volt but if one is using 3 phase then they are at 208 volt and their device for that is only 20 amps capable - reading the KM brochure they state they are 24 amps at 208 to 240 volt, however voltage sags below that or...
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    Continual Problems with Konica C8000

    It sounds like a humidity problem to me - by the end of the day all the heat generated lowering the humidity then next morning having better humidity - however if not that. Maybe electrical, I am guessing the 8000 is 230 or 240 volt AC and 20 or 30 amp - print shops often have 3 phase which in...


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