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  1. danvoell

    Dedicated black/white data matrix system

    Thanks for all these suggestions! I will do some more research on this one. I'm keeping up with demand at the moment but feel like I could be more efficient about this.
  2. danvoell

    Dedicated black/white data matrix system

    I'll take a look at Zebra. I want to be able to print out between 20K and 500K labels per day. I lose a lot of time transferring data files to Surepress, I would rather have a dedicated variable black and white printing machine/s.
  3. danvoell

    Dedicated black/white data matrix system

    I have a customer who I have been making serialized data matrix labels 1x1" squares using an Epson Surepress. I finish on a AllenDatagraph CentraHS Finisher. The labels have been going well but I feel like my printer is overkill. Does anyone know of an affordable black and white roll-to-roll...
  4. danvoell

    Extremely low priced labels on

    Price is way too low. Let them have it.
  5. danvoell


    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new to label printing, 2021 was my first year. I need to get more strategic about pricing this year. Does anyone have a good read that they would suggest for contract printing pricing?
  6. danvoell

    how to quickly re-scale PDF's in bulk

    This is what makes it most difficult - "and the sizes are all over the place", I use python image libraries to auto-size based on known input and output. You could run a script that makes all of the outputs the same but...They aren't going to be to scale if the inputs are different - here is a...
  7. danvoell

    how to quickly re-scale PDF's in bulk

    Don't totally understand what you are trying to do but you may want to look at Windows Scheduled Tasks and Adobe Illustrator Scripts.
  8. danvoell

    The Celebration

    Funny. This is how I felt for 10 years leading up to the pandemic. I didn't even realize most phone cameras have native reading capability. But in the last 6 months I have used QRcodes about 10 times (mostly contactless ordering). Does anyone think this is a resurgence or a quick flash in the pan?
  9. danvoell

    Print Variable Data PDFs

    Not sure how complex the design is or how good your software skills are but I've used the Python Pillow (PIL) library before. Free but you need a little coding experience. I used it to pre-process the PDFs with variable images before RIPping.
  10. danvoell

    Online print market place, is there any?

    I come from a metal fabrication background. I've seen about 10 "aggregator" sites come and go in that industy. has lasted for a while, but its really expensive and mostly for bottom feeders. set out with the same goal. I'm not sure what they are currently doing.


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