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    Konica 6120 quick question...

    Yeah, the blacks are always best on a color machine. And yes, it has always been like I'm chasing darker blacks on the 951.... have a maint. and they look pretty good. And then kinda grey out a little as I put the clicks on it. Any kind of a solid tho is usually not impressive and I end up...
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    Konica 6120 quick question...

    Thanks for that, yes, I've been mostly happy with the 951, I'm hoping that the 6120 will have blacker blacks ..... hoping it's more comparable to when I run B&W on my color machines but that may be asking for too much lol
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    Konica 6120 quick question...

    Hey guys, I have a 3070 and 2 3080's in my shop. Off contract for years and loving it. I run (on my third) a KM 951 for B&W basic stuff. I tend to get about 3-4 million clicks on the 951's before they start requiring too much attention. My current 951 is at 3.3 million clicks and I've been...
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    Long Shutdowns with Konica Minolta C14000

    Interesting, I've been running KM's since the 6500 came out. We are currently running a 3070, 2 3080's and a 951. We shut the sub power off every night and every Friday at the end of the day I walk thru and shut off the sub power and then come back about a min or two later and shut the main off...
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    Fuser Belt Failure

    Interesting, that exact same thing just happened last week on my 3080.
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    KM Pro 951 Output Irregularity

    I have a 951, 3070, 3080. To my knowledge you only get the curl adjustment if you have a relay unit. I have them on my color machines but not on my B&W 951. If he had a relay unit then it would show up on the screen as an option.
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    Polar 76 EM problems

    What a nightmare, I hope you get it sorted out.
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    KM 6100 and 3070 print too red

    I've had this issue with my 3070 many times. I finally ended up going into command workstation, into the job properties, then go to color...where it says CYMK you have a bunch of choices, Bypass Conversion ColorWise Off DIC (EFI) GRACCoL 2013 Japan Color Etc, Start trying all of the choices...
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    Ricoh Pro C5310s vs Konica Minolta C4070

    And if I can ask, how many clicks a month are you running on it?
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    Ricoh Pro C5310s vs Konica Minolta C4070

    How many clicks on your 1060? I have a 1060, a 3070 and am considering a 3080. All off contract. I like them because so many (most) of the parts are interchangeable and I don't have to buy parts for different machines.
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    Seeking advice on entry level production press

    After 20 years in business, ending with a 4 color HBerg and 3 duplicators and 3 Konica machines, (951, 6500 and a 7000) I had to BK back in 2016. I was able to keep some of my core customers and I restarted in a much smaller space on a massively decreased budget. Since I didn't know if I was...
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    Recycled Laminating film?

    I have a customer asking about "Eco Friendly" laminating film. Specifically 10 mil. Any leads out there for US suppliers? I am currently running on 1" or 3" Core and looking for 13" or 18" Wide film. Thanks!


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