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    Xpo Error 10094

    Hello everyone, I support Kodak CTP anywhere in the country if needed. Now there are many different models and software versions. If you text me at 513-312-7154 the exact model (diodes or Quantum) ,year of your magnus400 as well as the application and XPO version I might be able to help you.
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    Prinergy EVO upgrade to Prinergy EVO 10?

    Hello Still need help with you system. I can help with the Prinergy EVO. Get in touch at 513-312-7154 Thanks, Maurice
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    Kodak Lotem Magnus Trendsetter support

    Hello Everyone, Not getting support anymore from Kodak or not happy with it ? I provide service on all their CTPs. Free phone support at 513-312-7154 Also I buy, sell and service any Kodak Prepress system. Text me anytime with any questions. Thank you,
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    Dolev 800

    Hello everyone I am looking for a Dolev 800 (V) working or not working. I can be reached anytime at 513-312-7154. Thanks Maurice
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    Looking for ctp or ctcp systems

    Still looking for CTP's 513-312-7154 got 4up and 8up (Trendsetters, Magnus......).Prinergy RIP, Arlequin, XMF........)
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    Looking for ctp or ctcp systems

    I have a couple of 4up devices. One Creo Lotem 400 and a Kodak Magnus 400. Both are fully functional.
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    Need CTP Support for Creo Trendsetter New.

    Hello, Independent Tech located in Cincinnati, OH. I have been servicing Scitex, Creo and now "Kodak" Prepress equipment for a very long time (Dolev Lotem, Trendsetters and Magnus's......). Workflow's as well (Prinergy......). I can be reached anytime at 513-312-7154. 24/7 .Carry parts for all...
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    kodak service

    Bonjours, Je reside aux U.S. De passage a Paris, je peux faire du service sur les Kodak platesetters (Lotem, Magnus, Prinergy........) contacter moi au +1-513-312-7154. Merci, Maurice
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    Lotem punches bad

    Hi Mark Still need help with your Lotem. I fully support those. Where are you located ?
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    Lotem CTP family

    As you may know, the Lotem_(Q) CTP family is being phased out for service. If you must have a service agreement on your CTP system or need a dependable source for support then don't just get rid of it for another workflow. The Lotems are still great output devices especially if you are not ready...
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    Lotem 400 expose problem TSP

    The communication issue could be a sign of future problems. If it happens more often you might need a new TSP card. For any service on your lotem400 you can reach me anytime at 513-312-7154 I specialize on all lotems. Thank you
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    Creo Scitex Kodak Dolev imagesetter and Lotems platesetters

    If you are still making film with a Dolev imagesetter (D200, D250, D400, D450, D4Press, D800 and D800V) I can help you to support it as long as you need it. I can provide free phone support and onsite service. I have a large inventory of parts and several units still working. I also support the...
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    Brisque Version 4.1 Help

    Worked for 15 years on supporting Brisques. Hardware or software. Please call maurice at 513-312-7154
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    Trendsetter and Evo parts and service

    I can support all Prinergy version. EVO, Connect. Software and hardware. If you don't have a service contract with Kodak then you should be proactive before you loose all templates, data....... I also support any Lotem, Trendsetters and magnus400. Please call Maurice at 513-312-7154
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    Lotem 400v Problem loading plate "loading stopper valve"

    Hi I specialize in Creo Scitex equipment. I can help. You can call me anytime at 513-312-7154 Thanks Maurice
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    3rd party Imagesetter service providers

    Hi I do support all Scitex Creo Kodak Imagesetter. You can reach me anytime at 513-312-7154 Thanks, Maurice
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    Prinergy Evo upgrade needed...

    I might be able to help. You can call me at 513-312-7154
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    Magnus/Lotem 400 Error while loading plate

    Thorsen First thing to check is the air pressure. must be around 75psi or 6 bars. Was it the first plate of the day ?
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    Anyone have a PSM 8 for sale

    I do have a PSM and FAF Ver8 (USB dongles). you can give me a call at 513-312-7154 and we can discuss some other options as well.
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    Tiff catcher for Lotem

    If you still use a Brisque as a RIP or as a tiff catcher to drive your Lotem, I can replace it with a Dell windows based XPO. Much faster and easier to support than the Brisque Low cost solution.. Any questions call 513-312-7154


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