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    RIP suggestions for screen printing

    Have you taken a look at the StudioRIP? (StudioRIP) It is very well suited, as lots of control of screening: Angles,hybrid screening as Standard Has Ink spread compensation to compensate for filling in on vector objects for example reverse 3pt text Also has a lot of options in the Epson Driver...
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    Need to some information about a small device

    That looks like an Xrite IC Plate 2 Dot meter. It is very good device, I have worked with one for a few years .It works with AM Screening and FM Screening, and there are a few upgrades available to get even more use out of it. Regards, Rolf
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    AGFA Accuset 1500 compatible with Windows?

    Hi, The chances are it could be possible with external tools for the networking, But the system is very old, and will still be limited to postscript. You might want to take a look at StudioRIP, we have low cost yet yet powerful RIP, also available to drive the Accuset is the Ethersetter...
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    Scsi 50 pin hard drive for internal rip

    Getting the disk may be possible, but getting one preloaded would take a bit of work, an alternative like others say is a new RIP, A very cost effective solution is the StudioRIP with an Ethersetter box. The RIP is an easy to use scalable RIP solution, with multiple clients, hybrid screening as...
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    Outputting To Film Via Inkjet Printer Help!!

    Hello I think we may be able to help. I work for StudioRIP in the UK, one of our sister companies I think may have what your looking for. A inkjet system for Epson. (Film+Ink + our Software) Sold individually or part of a package. It achieves a good DMax (up to 5+) but gives good sharp images...
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    Epson 4880

    Curious if any one has any thoughts / suggestions on this. Epson 4880 On power up it brings up error to remove paper, when none is loaded. Head does not even traverse back and forth. only option you have is to reset. Anyone know where these sensors are hiding and how many there are Any...
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    switching from Fujifilm LP-NV to Fujifilm Pro-V

    I have converted a quite a few Violet Customers from LPNV to Pro-V. With no real issues reported. operators prefer it as it take less chemicals and cleaning is easier. Usually we did these under plate deals, where new washout unit was supplied. But we did have some of Heights and IGP...
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    Screen GLV repair

    Anyone know any source for repair for Screen GLV unit, at $20K a pop they are not cheap!
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    Need RIP Advice

    You could take a look at the StudioRIP, we can drive the Screen units, with a variety of interface options. The RIP it self is a very flexible client/server based system, with options for built in imposition/trapping/proofing/FM. The standard RIP includes Hybrid screen as standard. Cost of...
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    RIPs for Screen Printing (dts)

    Hello, You could take a look at Studiorip, it offers wide options of screening solutions, Hybrid comes as standard, FM, with control of dots sizes, shapes etc, which should the control you want in your screen printing situation. Regards, Rolf
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    Slectset 7000 / RIP options? (Highwater died)

    Hi, Do you know if the card is still running? is it seen in device manager in windows ok? If so an option you have could be to use the StudioRIP. This has built in support for the Highwater cards for Agfa, and can drive Agfa units via, Ethersetter boxes as well (an interface which is connected...


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