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    Methods for reducing static on Duplo 646

    Those are per job, under the “function” button, in the software.
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    Methods for reducing static on Duplo 646

    My duplo settings for text weights: Air - 4.5 Thickness - 1 Elevator - 6 Do not use weights and keep the feed bar upright Side air - off Fan reg - off
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    Ricoh 9210 Registration Snafus

    I have a 7210 but assume some things are similar. 1. Always make sure you clean the inline scanner before running the routine. 2. Per each profile, set the registration function for HIGH QUALITY under advanced settings, this requires 35 sheets. 3. I assume you’re doing this, but make...
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    Methods for reducing static on Duplo 646

    I used to have problems with this. One factor was getting rid of our km 6085, as everything off that had a lot of static. But I have a cheat sheet of settings I use every time I have text weight and I don’t have many issues anymore.
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    Konica Minolta and FujiFilm exploring a "strategic alliance"

    If I had to guess, this seems like Fuji being (understandably) reluctant to invest heavily in their own team of techs and support network, and probably plan to let KM shoulder that work. Yes I have seen job postings for Fuji techs and such but have to assume unless there are a lot of these Fuji...
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    Review of Challenge Champion 305TC Cutter

    I’ve seen two people smash their finger tips (fortunately that’s as bad as it got!) in the cutter clamp, so I recognize the need for safety measures!
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    Swapping out year old KM7090 for Ricoh 7500

    I surveyed various trade partners in town before switching to Ricoh. I also had a list of references from Ricoh I reached out to (which of course I took with a grain of salt, that’s why I talked to our partners). I found people echoing my sentiment and experiences with KM unsolicited and...
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    Swapping out year old KM7090 for Ricoh 7500

    I believe you when you say it doesn’t fold right. Ours couldn’t fold right, crease right, trim right, staple right, or slit right. And the worst design possible - every sheet passed through it even if you didn’t use the finisher, so sometimes it would randomly start slitting my job (crookedly...
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    Swapping out year old KM7090 for Ricoh 7500

    I switched out a KM 6085 for a Ricoh 7210 March 2022. It’s been awesome - service is fast and fixes it the first time, I have a bunch of parts on hand for common issues, printer basically “just runs.” I don’t have anything nice to say about my KM experience… though I know some people like...
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    Is Antivirus Software Still Needed?

    IMHO - windows defender is sufficient unless you have a particularly computer / common sense illiterate employee using the workstation. I do believe that for a business it’s critical to have all data stored externally / probably in the cloud, for this reason and for when the computer...
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    Versant 80- Independent Finishing?

    You can probably cheat the machine by sending a blank file to your Fiery, and feed from whatever tray it’ll allow (I used to have a J75 that would allow me to feed from the post inserter tray). May or may not charge a click, in my experience it did not but they may have closed that loophole.
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    Why Mac?

    I was gonna mention - 6. That is reassuring, when the client sends you on a wild goose chase on questionable websites to find a font they didn’t include or a vector image. To add to my post - I have an m1 Mac mini, medium spec (512gb ssd and 16gb ram) and it runs all the design apps...
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    Why Mac?

    I think it just comes to personal preference. I recognize flaws in both systems, and I have both in my office, but I prefer the Mac. That is probably largely because the Mac they bought was to my specs, while the PC is some cheesy throwaway business spec Dell.
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    Understanding Color Calibration Process - I feel stupid - what am I missing?

    More often than not for me if a customer wants a color match it’s to make something look “good to them” not to make it technically accurate. This is often to compensate for bad design or poorly lit photos. As long at the printer is fairly predictable and consistent I can generally put the rest...
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    Understanding Color Calibration Process - I feel stupid - what am I missing?

    Correct to me is a specific and unrealistic term in the world of digital cmyk printing as that implies a measured and scientific precision…due to the nature of these beasts many colors won’t be 100% “correct” if comparing to a printed Pantone swatch. And due to regular variances, -a difficult...
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    Understanding Color Calibration Process - I feel stupid - what am I missing?

    Unless you go through and profile each machine, you’re just going to chase your tail. Even then…doing short run work, is that really worth it? The cynical part of me wonders how many customers do you have that expect this (fewer of our customers every day can assemble proper print ready files...
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    New Imposition Software Needed

    Quite keeping 1995 alive
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    New Imposition Software Needed

    I use quite imposing for 99% of imposition jobs. I do use Fiery impose for hot folder imposition, but it is kind of clunky IMHO I prefer quite imposing. I’ve used pdf snake but I did not care for it.
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    Ricoh 7200 Image Quality Issues

    In the photo - this is typically caused by buildup in the paper dust catch area (in the paper path just before the 2nd btr). There are two screws to remove this black cover, then vacuum it out as needed (I probably do this every couple of weeks if I’m running “hairy” paper). As for color...
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    Nobody will give me a service contract for my Versant 180 despite low use & being immaculate.

    The high click cost and minimum fee is because you don’t use it a normal amount, the service provider doesn’t want to lose money on you if they have to come out every month but you’ve only made a handful of prints. If I look at this from a service provider perspective, this contract is a big...


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