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    Problem with Sleeking and Xerox Versant 160

    I'm using a Versant 180
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    Problem with Sleeking and Xerox Versant 160

    do you trim the front and back of the sheets after laminating? Its always going to be a tiny bit off but you can minimize that as much as possible if you trim the front and back of the laminated sheets.
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    Xerox Drums Revisited

    The black roller is the charge roller, and usually its a micro damage on the drum itself which causes the charge roller to go bad. Replacing those have not helped (I have tried this). The rebuild kits may last a bit longer but they give image quality issues with the exception of placing it in...
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    What oil do Versant fusers use?

    Ah, that is the oil I'm talking about. When I rebuild/clean the fusers, theres a kit that comes with a bottle of oil that you use to soak the wicks in. I was wondering what oil can withstand high temps without smoking.
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    What oil do Versant fusers use?

    Hi all, Happy New Year! Hope everything is alleviating for you in regards to the supply chain issues / shortages. I wanted to ask the tech savvy people out there what type of oil do you think the versant fusers use? I couldn't find any info on it and was wondering what type of oil could...
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    Thinking about digital...where to start?

    5M is quite a lot for digital envelopes. Versants have an envelope kit for the high capacity trays that allow you to stack up to about 500 envelopes, but even then, this machine wasnt specifically designed for printing envelopes. Envelope printing can be kind of unstable especially if you're...
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    Versant Press Drum/Toner/Parts Shortages

    :LOL:lucky you! those drums are like gold right now
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    Versant Press Drum/Toner/Parts Shortages

    Out of supplies for 4 weeks!? So did you just not operate for 4 weeks? Or did you just keep on printing anyways with image quality issues? CARR is overall pretty good and I don't really have any complaints against them but the supplies issue has really been infuriating. A machine under service...
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    Versant Press Drum/Toner/Parts Shortages

    Thank you all for your feedback. Seems like I'm not alone in this. A trick I have tried that can possibly make the drums last a bit longer: As SOON as you see a dot come up, take the drum out and look for where the imperfection is on the drum itself. You can gently rub off or pick off the...
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    Versant Press Drum/Toner/Parts Shortages

    That feeling is horrible isn't it? I used to be able to run and run and run the machine with no worries. Drums lasted beyond 100%. Now its exactly like you said, a ticking time bomb. Don't know when the drums will go to shit. That constant worry really sucks. I hear that the Iridesse has none...
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    Versant Press Drum/Toner/Parts Shortages

    Hello! So I run a Versant 180 with high cap, trimmer buffer, and square fold trimmer. So for the past half a year, the color drums have been pretty trash. They'll last about 5-7% and then you'll get an arc on the drum, ruining the charge roller and causing a colored line along the process...
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    Variable Click Charges, Color Profiles, and Service Contracts

    Heres a screenshot of the settings in Fiery Impose. If you run a lot of files with mixed color/black and white pages then I do think it is worth getting. You don't have to do as much file prepping and can just drop into Command Workstation and select whichever pages you want as grayscale.
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    Adding Versant 180 to New Windows 10 Machines

    hmm maybe I'm doing something wrong then. will look into this. thank you!
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    Soft Touch Laminating

    I own a podtopic from Skandacor. Their materials and service are pretty great. Ask them for a sample book, and you can ask for Jon Congdon. The rolls they have are designed for 13" paper or 12" paper but I think they can accommodate you and slit them down.
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    RESOLVED- Xerox 700i Digital Color Press- Poor print quality

    Your issue can also be due to one or more of your developers not producing charge. Theres a metal piece thats supposed to make contact with the circuit in the back. If its bent, then it doesnt make contact and does not run. Also check your toner chutes on the drum trays. If any of them are...
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    Adding Versant 180 to New Windows 10 Machines

    I don't. If you have the print drivers installed I don't see what the point is in exporting to a pdf and then printing from that. The machine can interpret the orientation kinda funny (like top-top vs top-bottom) if you print from a pdf.
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    Small Perfect Binder

    The sterling digibinder is basically the tachoplus (made in korea). You can try searching for it by that name.
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    Adding Versant 180 to New Windows 10 Machines

    How I normally have it setup (I am running windows 10) is I print my jobs from indesign directly to the hold queue. You have to make sure hold is activated in Command Workstation and you can simply add a network printer using \\V180\hold. (Its under Configure > Job Sumission > Queues) This has...
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    Problem with Sleeking and Xerox Versant 160

    Thats called a steganography pattern. Its a yellow dot pattern to quickly identify which printer/serial the print came out of in case somebody wants to counterfeit. You have to print in grayscale (like the other gentlemen mentioned) in order to avoid this. You get this for spot gloss (because...
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    Xerox versant 3100

    If this line happens on the same exact spot for every print, this can be due to a missing guide plate inside the fuser unit. Some technicians remove it when replacing the pressure roller / fuser and forget to put it back in.


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