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    Question for users of Apogee Prepress 9.0 - Imposition related

    We are going through the painful process of evaluating workflow systems and a question has come up in regards to Agfa's built in Imposition software inside Apogee. Are you using the built in Imposition software inside of Apogee or are you using Preps or another Imposiiton software? We are...
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    Google Fonts legal to use in Print Production

    Has anyone else looked into the legalities of using Google Fonts in print production? I know they say that they are free to use on anything because they are open source but I've also been in this game long enough to know that nothing is free, especially fonts. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Run-time error '35602' in UpFront Builder and Planner

    We have started to get a 'Run-time error 35602' when we try and delete items out of UpFront Job Builder and even when we try and get into the 'Preferences...' menu in Builder and Planner. Has anyone ever had this happen and if so how did you fix it. I'd contact support but the last I heard...
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    XMPie uCreate Print Spelling Names wrong

    Has anyone run into issues with XMPie uImage spelling names wrong while creating the assets for a print job? This little joy has crept into our workflow recently and we have not been able to track down what is causing it even with help from Xerox and XMPie. Workstation configuration: Dell...
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    Finding InDesign file location on Windows machine while the file is open

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to find the folder location of an InDesign file on a Windows 7 machine while you have the InDesign document open like you can on a Mac. On a Mac you can hold down the "Command" key and click on the title of the document and a pop-up will come up giving you...
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    Linked Files in InDesign Now Modified after Daylight Savings Change

    I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem after the Daylight Savings Time Change on November 6th. Starting on Monday, November 7th we have noticed that all of our InDesign files that had artwork files linked to the document are now coming up as being modified in the Links pallet...
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    Will Preps v6.x files work with Apogee v3.x

    Does anyone know if Kodak Preps v6.x impositions will work with an Agfa Apogee v3.x system? Our facility uses Prinergy for all of our current print processes but we recently acquired a print process from one of our other facilities and they were using Agfa Apogee v3.x and Preps 5.1.5 to create...
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    Will Pitstop Pro 10 Find The Following

    I am hoping someone can verify for me that Pitstop Pro 10 would be able to detect a problem with an embedded font in a pdf. The reason I am asking is we recently had a job that looked fine throughout our entire proofing process but when we created plates through our Prinergy system something...
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    Moving Production Computers from Mac to PC

    First off I'd like to state that I am not looking for opinions on what platform is better for doing Prepress work. I feel that this debate has been beat to death and can be skewed from either side to make it appear that one platform is better than the other. What I am looking for is if anyone...
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    Acrobat Error after installing CS5 Design Premium

    OK, I'm going to try and explain exactly what I am doing and when I'm getting this error so please bear with me. I am trying to set up a test computer for testing CS5 in our production flow. After reading some of the posts here and other places I felt it best to start with a clean system on my...
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    Changing Default RIP from CPSI to APPI in Prinergy 4

    Can anyone tell me how to change the default RIP that is used in Prinergy 4 from the CPSI to the APPI RIP. We have been testing jobs with the APPI RIP and want to move to it as the default but I cannot remember where to make the change. I've been trying to put a support request online to Kodak...
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    Problem printing from InDesign CS3 or Acrobat 9 to Phaser 7760

    I am having an issue when I print to a Xerox Phaser 7760 printer from InDesign CS3 or Acrobat Professional 9 that I’m hoping someone else has seen this and has a fix for it. I have an InDesign CS3 file that was created on a Mac running OSX 10.4.11. The file is pretty simple except for a text...
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    Image Overflow indicator for InDesign

    Does anyone know if there is any software out there that can detect if an image file that has been pulled into InDesign is being cut off because the image isn't properly scaled in the image box. Something that works similar to a text overflow box error. I know that this is a long shot and it...
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    Automated Perf Plate Maker

    I kind of looked around but didn't see any discussions on this so if I missed a post I should read let me know. What I am wondering is if anyone has ever come across or come up with a different way to produce a perf plate for a sheetfed or web press than doing it by hand. We currently create a...
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    Parental Controls in OSX Tiger

    I don't know if this is in the right place or not but I'm going to give it a shot. Didn't see anything on this topic while doing a search so if there is a thread out there let me know. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I want to use the parental controls in OSX Tiger to...
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    Metrics vs Optical kerning in InDesign CS3

    Is there anyone out there that can further explain the difference between Metrics and Optical kerning in InDesign CS3? I'm also wondering if one setting is better for use in the Print Industry. Dov, I'm hoping your still out there and may be able to help me. I've read through the "About...
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    Check Spelling in PDF

    Does anyone know if there is a plug-in available that allows you to check spelling in a PDF? I know it is possible to check the spelling in the comments and form fields in Acrobat v8.0 but it would be nice to be able to do a spell check also. I see that Enfocus Neo has spell check...
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    Prinergy v4.0 in a Production Environment

    Simple question here. I am located in South Central Minnesota and I was wondering if anyone in Minnesota or neighboring states were running Prinergy v4.0 in a production environment ? If so where are you located and how do like it compared to v3.1.0.6?
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    Document size changes when Exporting PDF from InDesign

    We have started seeing this issue and I was wondering if anyone else has come across it and if so were you able to fix it. We produce calendars and one of our standard sizes is 10.84 x 8.375. If we create a document this size and export the document to a .ps and run it through distiller the pdf...
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    Scripting InDesign on a PC

    Before getting into my question please note that I am asking about scripting on a PC. I don't want this thread turned into PC vs Mac discussion or rants about one platform against the other. I help manage a very large Mac Prepress and we have a lot of our everyday redundant functions in...


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