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    xRite 508 Densitometer

    Hello all! I have 2 xRite 508 Densitometers which have been a bit neglected in the past few years. We only have one white pad, and I entered the numbers into the one it was not matched to so I'm assuming that it is close to calibrated. Does anyone have any information regarding how accurate my...
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    Halm Jet

    Hi! My organization just purchased a second Halm Jet press (I believe it's a super jet) is there anyone here with experience on these machines? We have had our 2C 3" Jet for a year now, but this one looks completely different and has larger cylinders. Just curious if there are any resources...
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    Heidelberg MOZ Main Drive Motor

    We have a 1989 Heidelberg MOZ that used to run a full 11,500 IPH. I recently removed the main drive motor for it and had it rebuilt, after I got it all put back together the press will only run about 8,000 IPH. There is a blower and a speed control motor on top of the main drive, I only removed...
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    Maintenance on presses

    Hello all, I am trying to come up with a checklist for maintenance on our presses for weekly/monthly/quarterly maintenance. We have three Heidelberg MO's and we have been following the recommended Heidelberg sheets as best we are able. We are one shift, and usually only 2 of the presses run at...
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    Photoelectric eye that tells the press has an early sheet

    Hello all, I have 3 older Heidelberg MO's that all have severely cracked lenses on the light switches that tell the press a sheet is in or if the sheet is early. One of the presses won't feed at all, it just constantly says there is an early sheet. My questions are: How often do those sensors...


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