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  1. ajr


    Is the temperature of the fuser right, you can try upping the settings, not sure what you can do with that machine. We always use to cheat and tell the machine it was printing on a thicker stock. Check your settings, is the paper rated for digital?
  2. ajr

    The Linotype Story 1936-1955

    I have had a bit of time recently to go through some of my late Father's print memorabilia. He was a compositor in London in the late 50s early 60s, working at various companies working his way up through production to managing and owning a large print finishers in the 80s. there is a link and...
  3. ajr

    Any US Based shops using a CRON platesetter?

    Steer clear very unreliable machines, they are cheap! We've just got rid of both of ours and gone back to a screen machines
  4. ajr

    Made the jump to an online print shop?

    Depends what your aims are, what print work do you want, customers using online templates or submitting their own artwork, how you process, preflight, and track jobs through the system, how big you want to be etc. etc. etc. You will probably find existing clients are happy to deal with you as...
  5. ajr

    Workflow Management Software for Online Printing Store

    What you need is a piece of software called Oneflow, it takes the job and xml data from your site and then tracks it through your organisation. At every stage of production the job is scanned so you can track it, shipping and billing can also be handled.
  6. ajr

    Hotfolders in XMF

    Thanks :)..............................
  7. ajr

    Hotfolders in XMF

    Can anyone one give me a rough idea how to create hotfolders in XMF. Thanks AjR
  8. ajr

    Xerox 700 banding

    Change the drum and see what happens....
  9. ajr

    Indigo down time

    How much down time do you have on your indigo every day. Lets say over a normal shift how much time is taken on general cleaning and maintenance, not including make ready. I also need to know if this has improved as the machines have improved over the years. Say from a machine that is 10 years...
  10. ajr

    Sales Compensation...

    I've worked in pre-press for 29 years straight out of school, looking to change so being interviewed for a sales job next week. Bit scary , but I cant be as bad as some of the sales reps I've seen in the past! Will be a drop in money but I should be able to do it. A
  11. ajr

    How does your Studio work?

    Invest in a mac mini server, I'm not an IT expert but I think you can set up accounts on that and have virtual desktops bit like windows, easy to manage and control backups.
  12. ajr

    The New Hire

    In the Uk now you have to stay on at school or college until you are 18, you used to be able to leave when you were 16 (which I did) or you can go into an apprenticeship that includes day release to college. One of these apprenticeships was advertised locally to me this week, they were looking...
  13. ajr

    Digital Press for Sequential Numbering?

    Any digital press will do it!
  14. ajr

    Any suggestions for something after our J75?

    I dont know much about he Versant as it wasnt available when we brought our Igens. At the time we needed machines that could handle the volume and the turnaraound time.
  15. ajr

    Any suggestions for something after our J75?

    We did! We now have 2!
  16. ajr

    Any suggestions for something after our J75?

    We have an Igen and they use Matt Toner, big step up though. Xerox should have something for you. AjR
  17. ajr


    From drowning could be too late already!
  18. ajr

    FTP Alternatives??????

    Look at Rumpus it has SSL built in I think. Maxum Development
  19. ajr

    How to increase digital print volume

    Sales and customer service is the key, there will always be someone out there that can do the same job, probably cheaper as well! We have 2 Igens and nuveras, 75s etc and will beat you hands down with quality volume and speed, we can do the same work as you and probably more with variable data...
  20. ajr

    XMF or Prinergy

    I dont think there is a restriction to the amount of Clients for XMF, can either be Mac or PC.


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