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    Konica Minolta C6501 - Low Clicks!!!!!

    Hello, Hope you are doing great? Just finding it out if the machine is still available?
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    CANON C700

    Thanks for your advise. I'm buying from a Technician.
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    CANON C700

    Anybody with experience using Canon ImagePress C700. I'm buying a used one to support my old Press Machine. I want to know the ups and downs with this machine before i venture into it. Any suggestions?
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    New A2 UV Flatbed Printer for sale

    Kindly give me specifiactions and price.
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    Used digital presses

    Very deep and true.
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    Used digital presses

    Thank you so much for the info. Much appreciated.
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    Used digital presses

    Any reliable source for OEM toners, parts and used but in good condition KM press machine ?
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    Printing same image (2UP) on sheet problem with print

    Flattening the image is the best idea for solving situations like this especially in a pressuring environments. Some older versions of Coreldraw does this a lot when creating a drop shadow on top of a powerclip images.


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