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  1. ajr

    The Linotype Story 1936-1955

    I have had a bit of time recently to go through some of my late Father's print memorabilia. He was a compositor in London in the late 50s early 60s, working at various companies working his way up through production to managing and owning a large print finishers in the 80s. there is a link and...
  2. ajr

    Hotfolders in XMF

    Can anyone one give me a rough idea how to create hotfolders in XMF. Thanks AjR
  3. ajr

    Indigo down time

    How much down time do you have on your indigo every day. Lets say over a normal shift how much time is taken on general cleaning and maintenance, not including make ready. I also need to know if this has improved as the machines have improved over the years. Say from a machine that is 10 years...
  4. ajr

    Xmpie Ustore Pros and Cons

    We are looking at the web to print module of XMPIE, any one used it it? Would love to know some pros and cons. We are looking at this as an add on to an XMPIE system we are getting so will have a Web Server and Mail Server already in place. Thanks AjR
  5. ajr

    A new one!

    A customer asked today if our business cards were printed digitaly or litholy!!! Oh the fun never stops!
  6. ajr

    Wednesday Moan..........

    You supply me a PDF I pre-flight check over proof back, then you find type amends that could have been done before you even sent me the stupid job. Then you expect me to do them because you haven't got time!! (in Pitstop)!!!! Feel better now!
  7. ajr

    IGEN 4 Paper

    We are looking to source a good uncoated paper suitable (proven) with the IGEN4 looking at 100gsm. We use Navigator at the moment not with the best results. Thanks AjR
  8. ajr

    Prepress op West Sussex Uk

    Looking for a prepress operator in West Sussex UK Good allrounder required. Adobe, Pitstop, XMF variable data and digital press an advantage.Message me for details Andy
  9. ajr

    Abandoned Paper Mill, very spooky!

    Frozen in time: Haunting pictures show derelict paper mill littered with cigars, boots and even a bottle of milk from the day it was abandoned | Mail Online AjR
  10. ajr

    Igen 4 Finishing options

    We are looking at an Igen 4, need some info on finishing options, also paper delivery on the machine any advice?? What should we steer clear of and anything you wish you got. Let me know. AjR
  11. ajr

    Has anyone gone self employed.

    Thinking about setting up on my own selling print and anything print related that I can. Already do quite a few jobs on the side but wonder if I can make a go of it on my own. Fed up with working for someone and need to move on. I would probably do other work aswell on the side I used to teach...
  12. ajr

    Its not hard...

    This is not a new science or something, people Im dealing with are meant to be pros, so please put some bloody bleed on your documents!!! Feel better now! AjR
  13. ajr

    Large Format Printing

    Thought I might ask here, we are looking into getting into the large format/poster market/display etc. We are a large litho printer and have a number of customers who want to buy these items from us. I need to know the ideal machine (s) to start off with ie printer, laminator cutting etc. We are...
  14. ajr

    Data person required West Sussex UK

    We are looking for an additional Data programmer for our expanding mailing department. Skills required: Excel Print Shop Mail ( will train right candidate, quite straightforward really) Ability to write macros Problem solving Good English Team player Hard worker Good sense of humour Desired...
  15. ajr

    Are these worth anything?

    I was going through alot of my fathers old things the other night, he used to be a compositor based in London. I have got loads of books and promotional items of old Fonts circa 57-63 also some Linotype promotional materials. Some of them are in mint condition some not so good. Are these worth...
  16. ajr

    Photobook help in Florida

    Hi Guys, I need to send a photobook to my relatives in West Palm area of Florida for xmas, (I know I forgot) I know im a bit late but they are away over xmas so not the end of the world. Can anyone recommend someone in Florida so we dont have to wait forever for it to be shipped. Thanks guys AjR
  17. ajr


    Just wondering if Kodak plate users especially high volume are thinking about contingency plans if Kodak disappear next year? As I wonder if the other plate manufactures will be able to cope with the extra demand. A
  18. ajr

    Looking for print finisher

    Looking for an all round print finisher to work nights in West Sussex UK. Needs to live fairly local. Needs to be good all round sheet fed finisher ie folding, cutting, stitching cylinder work etc just message me No applications from abroad. Thanks A
  19. ajr

    Customers FTPs

    Cant believe some customers just have one FTP folder that everyone has access to. Just spent the last hour have a good nose through one and can see all their customers work. Very bad! AjR
  20. ajr

    External Hard drives

    Our LaCie drive has died waiting for a repair, we need to replace it with something ie large storage with raid config and network attached, any recommendations?? Looking at about 2 TB of storage or more . (Not getting a lacie dive again heap of crap!!!) Thanks A


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