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    Charging for a Rush Job

    Thus....the reason for the rush job!
  2. MailGuru

    Charging for a Rush Job

    Not surprising. They pretty much shut down 2 to 3 times a year, every year. Unless your paycheck comes from a branch of the federal government, you probably wouldn't notice. I wonder, .......... if the majority of us are not affected when they shut down, explain to me again exactly what it is...
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    Charging for a Rush Job

    Oh, this is a government job? Now it's really going to cost you...
  4. MailGuru

    Office Coffee

    Usually the very first thing to go when the boss feels that the business isnt doing well. NO MORE FREE COFFEE!
  5. MailGuru

    Do I have to laminate both sides for folds

    Dang it!..................Story of my life. Every time I come up with a great idea, somebody else implements it first!!!!!
  6. MailGuru

    Bumping Your Job

    And then she said: "But, MY job is for the owner's nephew......"
  7. MailGuru

    What is this?

    OMG! Tennessee just passed a bill banning Chemtrails, which, are not real.
  8. MailGuru


    Hmmm......So,.........If her manager was female, then, there would be no issue?
  9. MailGuru

    The CEO Visits

    "I guess I understand that you must understand whatever it is you have to understand....." UNLESS, of, course, I misunderstood, correctly in the first place, in which case, my understanding was correct. You look at pictures on this screen all day.
  10. MailGuru

    First Day in Shipping

    I recall reading an article about 20 years ago that included techniques on how to insure that your package would be handled with care. One was to put a label on the box that reads: "FRAGILE - PLEASE THROW FROM AT LEAST 100 FEET"
  11. MailGuru

    First Day in Shipping

    Always wanted to see a box labeled: "This Side Down -- DO NOT INVERT" Next line says :" If you're reading this -- IT'S TOO LATE !!"
  12. MailGuru

    What is this?

    Tennessee is sponsoring a bill to ban chemtrails in the state:
  13. MailGuru

    The Job Application

    Yeah, but, there's something to be said about longevity, and.....consistency.
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    The Job Application

    After over 40 years in the print & mail industry, many of which were involved with designing (misleading) direct mail copy, your resume' should say something like: "My 30 years of experience in the graphic design/prepress has proved more valuable than a Masters in Graphic Design, Prepress, and...
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    Office Printer for Tyvek

    The problem with printing on Tyvek is really the drying time. It will usually bead or smear before the ink dries. On large inkjets (MCS, Kirk-Rudy, etc.) you can buy ink cartridges that are alcohol based (instead of water based) that will dry quicker, but, we also needed to engage the...
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    Kinda like the captain announcing that "the lashings will continue until morale improves"
  17. MailGuru

    The Promotion

    Not so fast there, Kemosabe! If you play the " management's man" while in front of the work force, they will not accept you as one of their own: "You're management. You have no idea what we have to go through." If you play the "work force's man" in front of management, then, you're not a...
  18. MailGuru

    Ricoh Tech Conversation Today...

    Have printed PDF's on Fierys for years with no issues. Did have a problem on a Versant 3100 Fiery that kept crashing. Xerox replaced the Fiery on their own dime, and, problem never occurred again. Your tech's advice to switch print to PS, is.......basically......BS
  19. MailGuru

    The Wrong File

    Always better to set up 2 folders under each main folder of a job: "Active" and "Archived". As soon as you get a new art file, regardless of the name (final, final2, final_final_Last, etc.), move the old existing file to the "Archived" folder, then save the new file to the "Active" folder. You...
  20. MailGuru

    Handling a Complaint

    No Sir! No problem at all!


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