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  1. mojoprime

    Switching from a Xerox 550 to a C60 or Versant 80?

    we upgraded from a v80 to v180 and it's a beast, actually, a megladon. we call it the meg. i calibrate every monday and every time i change more than one drum or toner cartridge. spot color is perfect. i had to do manual SIQA on the v80 but the document feeder on this one takes the 280 gsm we...
  2. mojoprime

    In house press: Versant 180, Versant 80, or c70

    did you get a service contract or anything with your purchase? if so, if you replace that bustled Fiery with an external you'll void the agreement unless they'll accept it -- but imagine they either tried to sell you that when you bought it and you passed or they didn't think you needed it. if...
  3. mojoprime

    More V180 problems

    FWIW, i get this same problem with Myriad Italic at 8 or 9 pt. I ended up changing our cards in-house to semibold ital and it helps a bit, but not much. And i've tried the screen switcheroo too. My print is a PMS 144 orange. solid greyscale black has no issues. very strange.
  4. mojoprime

    xerox 700

    plus, i spent more time fixing paper jams, print quality issues and fuser problems with the 700 than i actually printed. save yourself a headache and get a newer machine.
  5. mojoprime

    Xerox Versant 180

    we're doing a 180 too, and i've been doing the spectro method for almost four years on a v80. it takes maybe five minutes. not worth the performance package really. they really need the price to come down on that before they sell more of those upgrades.
  6. mojoprime

    Xerox Veralink C8000 vs Xante Enpress

    Which printer would you suggest and what are the most compelling reasons? I would go with the Xerox based on the maintenance and consumables alone. A fuser in the Xante might run several hundred dollars -- and you can plan on it breaking dow or being out of service at least once or twice in the...
  7. mojoprime

    Color Calibration for Versant 80

    +1 to the folks above. we have a v80 and we calibrate at least once a week, usually once a day and always after changing drums and more than one toner. we have more consistent color than some print shops around town and we're an in-house shop.
  8. mojoprime

    ventilation and fumes

    As long as you're not huffing toner, i think you're ok. some odor emission is standard; adding a new fuser on the older machines with fuser oil really stunk getting warmed up. if you're a little concerned you could add a fan in the room to keep the circulated. you say your room is ventilated...
  9. mojoprime

    Anybody heard anything about the new Canon presses?

    thanks for that, by the way. that was the first i've seen or heard. looks cool but i think i'd rather wait until i know all the kinks are worked out...
  10. mojoprime

    Anybody heard anything about the new Canon presses?

    We were originally using the the c850 as a comparison to the Versant 180 but another vendor came back and said the c850 was off the market and replaced with the c810. Has anybody heard anything about these?
  11. mojoprime

    Versant 180 = KM ???? = Canon ????

    turns out it was the KM c3080 and the Canon 850. but we'll see how they pan out.
  12. mojoprime

    Versant 180 = KM ???? = Canon ????

    i know. it's bizarre but true. i can watch the guides moving as the paper is pulled through. The techs have worked on it before, but...
  13. mojoprime

    Versant 180 = KM ???? = Canon ????

    yeah, the bypass tray on our v80 is crap too. i pulled something off of it just a minute ago and it look like it was skewed almost 1/4". i couldn't believe it. i cribbed this little screw on part that the techs gave us to stop the same thing from happening on our 700 -- it's supposed to keep the...
  14. mojoprime

    Versant 180 = KM ???? = Canon ????

    namelessentity, how long have you been running your 750? i thought it was supposed to be good at holding front to back registration. just wondering about your experiences. all of it i use to question the sales folks. is it jamming on all sizes of envelopes?
  15. mojoprime

    Versant 180 = KM ???? = Canon ????

    so, the reps came back with the 3070 and the 750 as comparable to the v180. i'm curious to see the quotes and how the extras add up.
  16. mojoprime

    Versant 180 = KM ???? = Canon ????

    Thanks so much for your replies. I’m going to grab my difficult jobs and a ream of good and bad paper and see what happens.
  17. mojoprime

    Versant 180 = KM ???? = Canon ????

    We're currently using a v80 and quite happy with it but the lease is out and we're month to month so we're reviewing our options. I've been looking at the KM and Canon machines trying to find an equivalent and was hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction if i'm way off. Look likes...
  18. mojoprime

    What medium-duty digital press to buy? (Small print shop)

    i spent most of my time with the 700 wanting to shoot it, burn it and dump it into a shallow grave. registration was terrible, it jammed constantly on coated stock as soon as the machine began to warm up and it leaked toner. the best thing (and worst for some folks) was the shine the oil-based...
  19. mojoprime

    Fuzzy White Text on Maroon Background

    what size is the text? what's the typeface?
  20. mojoprime

    Ah, budgets

    agreed! it only takes the one unfulfilled request from the CEO for marketing materials to make removing or downgrading the machine a huge mistake...


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