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    Ricoh Pro C5200s PCU Code Issue

    Update for future reference. The operator/user replacement settings were out of whack in service mode causing the notification issues. Don't try to do repairs on a Friday evening when you are tired! Wait until Monday unless you're in a pinch and knock everything out with a fresh mind in about...
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    Ricoh Pro C5200s PCU Code Issue

    Time to swap the PCU on the C5200, but a little confused at why I am getting limited message and options on my machine. The service message is telling me to Replace Cleaning Unit for Photoconductor Unit. No problem, I have the parts in shop and not too much of an issue. But a little confused at...
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    Jitter on Ricoh C5200?

    I am not a professional technician or engineer by any means. But this picture looks like an issue I had on one of our own C5200s. Look into setting 0210 Smooth Fusing Belt under Machine Image Quality on your unit. Our service tech recommends that as an operator go to every now and then when...
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    Duplo 645 vs 646 experiences

    Does anyone have any experiences with these two models. I know there is a lot of information on the 646 being more recent and in a lot of shops, but I would like to know how much I would lose by going to the 645. 645s for sale in the area seem to be 10-20k cheaper depending on the condition. How...
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    Basic Imposition Software

    I have used Quite before migrating more of my workflow to Fiery recently. If you are really considering the budget you can also trial Imposition Wizard as an Acrobat plugin. I believe it is a third of the cost of Quite (which is already very affordable for what it does) but nowhere near as...
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    Variable Click Charges, Color Profiles, and Service Contracts

    Reviewing the files in question with PitStop had revealed 1-2% cyan with the black illustrations and in some of the black lines. That would solve why even with Pure-Black settings in my Fiery color profile the machine was clicking color on these files.
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    Variable Click Charges, Color Profiles, and Service Contracts

    I appreciate the input. It sounds like Fiery Impose might be a useful tool to add to the workflow then. I have been using imposition plug-ins to Adobe but will likely move towards Fiery if it helps add another solution to differentiation.
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    Variable Click Charges, Color Profiles, and Service Contracts

    We recently upgraded one of our owned units to a click based service contract. This is one of our first units to be running around the clock in terms of digital printing and I am trying to get the best information on click charges. Before the service contract I have never had issues with some...


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