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    Color Target for repeat orders

    I've seen this managed a couple different ways at other companies, but I'd like to get some opinions on what we should be targeting for color for repeat customer orders after the initial press run is complete. We are a flexo printer running both Expanded Gamut and standard CMYK+Spot press...
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    7-Color ICC Profile Creation

    My intent is to supply this ICC profile to other prepress shops to use as the target for creating proofing profiles.
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    7-Color ICC Profile Creation

    I've put plenty of time into Google up to this point and there really isn't much out there for solutions from what I can find.
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    7-Color ICC Profile Creation

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a solution for creating an accurate 7-color ICC profile utilizing IT8 charts as the input. I currently have i1Profiler but need to generate a custom 7/c overprint chart in order to create the ICC. Any suggestions?
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    Calculating Distortion - HELP

    Need an answer with a little 'Show your work' math to back this question up. I have artwork that has a 10.42" repeat that is going to be mounted on a 10.5" cylinder. PLEASE show me the math to figure out the correct distortion. Thanks!!
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    AE 10.1 - Map Colorant Error - Please Help!

    Launching files directly from AE10 (FlexRip). Lblack = Line Black
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    AE 10.1 - Map Colorant Error - Please Help!

    I need some help! We keep getting a 'Failed to map colorant' error (attached) that is causing our RIP to fail. Has anyone seen this and have a solution to the problem? We've contacted ESKO directly and they haven't been any help.
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    Flexo: Removing 1% dots in Photoshop

    Follow jlee, Flexo Perfection is definitely worth checking out!
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    .010" Process trap vs .015" Line trap...why the difference?

    Thank you for your replies. Wide-web flexo print, non-metallic inks. I guess I'm still not fully understanding on a job that prints with 4-color process along with 4 additional spot colors, why the plants are requesting a .010" trap for the process and 015" trap for he spot colors on the same job?
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    .010" Process trap vs .015" Line trap...why the difference?

    Can anyone give me a good solid reason why many printers run with a .010" trap for process colors and a .015" trap for spot colors? What is the reason for the difference? If the presses are capable of holding .010" registration on jobs with process inks, why are they not capable of holding...
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    Locating Slivers/Scum Dot in Art

    Thanks a lot for your input. Many of the files that we receive are not put together very well from the designer and I think that is the main cause to these issues. Areas in these designs where the vector contours are supposed to be butt-fitting there is, say, a .0004" gap. Aside from manually...
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    Locating Slivers/Scum Dot in Art

    Photopolymer, and we are seeing scum dot show up on our plates. A 1-pixel row at 2400 dpi will show up on our plates. These areas are a little easier to locate on the back end when checking the files in Bitmap Viewer, but they are also causing issues with our auto trapper in PackEdge. Do you...
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    Question for Plato gurus

    Build the smartmarks into your templates for the microdots and the eyemarks, then add the rest of your marks as a smartmark set when you step and repeat.
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    PackEdge cursor won't change

    I'm having an issue with the cursor in PackEdge. When I switch from the selection tool to the zoom or pan tool, the 'hand' or 'zoom' icons won't change back to a 'pointer' when I switch back to the selection tool. Anyone else run across this?! The only solution I've found is to re-launch...
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    Locating Slivers/Scum Dot in Art

    There is a push at my facility where I'm employed to clean up all of the small 'slivers' that are coming over in our art files. These areas are caused by contours not lining up perfectly with each other. There is sometimes a .0001" gap between contours and it will sometimes end up leaving one...
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    Do you think the economy will improve in 2009?

    I think much of the blame falls right on the shoulders of the irresponsible citizens of our country. There are way too many people that buy houses, cars and other crap that they don't need and can't afford. Just because the bank approves you to buy a $$ quarter million dollar $$ home, doesn't...
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    Printing gradients on a 2 color job...

    This is possible, fairly simple actually. You can run a 100% red and overprint the black gradient. I'm still confused a little by the wording of the question, but you can definitely make a gradient from two colors. What type of printing? What's your min dot?
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    Is it just me??

    Pressmen walk on water at your facility too? Wow... In regards to your customer proofs, if your print matches the proof the responsibility is on them. That is why you go through the proofing process, to cover your butt. Do any of you provide a PDF to the customer to approve for copy before...
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    Adobe lays off 900 staff - CS4 slow seller

    I 100% agree with all of you. I work in graphics for a large flexo printer and we could get by with CS if our customers would supply us the files. There haven't been any major upgrades that increase our productivity since I began using the products in 2004 (I'm still a newbie).


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