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    DFL-500 Duplo users in Chicago area - question

    Hi, I just purchased used DFL-500 and I am not sure how to use it. The user manual is not clear to me. Is there someone who can show me how to use this machine? The Chicago area is the best, but I can travel if needed. I have a Mark I model. And I need to use it to do the lamination of hard...
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    Duplo 618 Paper Guides

    Just buy bracket what you find in Lowes and put magnet sheet on it. Just use double sided tape to do it.
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    Fuji will be demoing a B2 Irridesse/Revoria

    If you are in the photo industry, print photobooks, and photographs - the Fuji 1120 is a great option. This machine has its controller, which comes with Color Enhancement software, which automatically does color correction of photographs. Just print any photobook on any other press, then print...
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    New digital press - good and bad reviews about Chicago area dealers?

    I need to purchase a new press with a service contract. Thinking about Ricoh C7200 (or c7500), Canon v800, or KM c7090. Can you recommend a company that does great service on your machines? If you have a bad experience with someone, please let me know too. Asking for reviews because a few years...
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    Ricoh Stacker - stacker is broken, but full of paper on tray. How to lower tray manually?

    The stacker was broken on my Ricoh C9200, is no power. It is 5040 model, very similar to 5030. The stacker is full of paper (on cart). How to lower the cart manually to get paper out???
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    UV Coater, Laminator, Mail Tabber, and Corner Rounder for Sale (Fairfax, VA)

    Hi, do you still have Fujipla Laminator for sale? I am interested.
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    Thick Business Cards/Board??

    Sorry, it was my mistake. We cut 24pt paper to 18x12". When cut to 12x18" we get a paper jam.
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    Where to find ready to use templates for web to print store

    Check this: I think the license looks like what you want. I am also interested to use this source. Please let me know what you think. Can we use these artworks to create our own templates? In my opinion, we can, but...
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    Thick Business Cards/Board??

    On our C9200 I use 24pt (470gsm) Tanco Advantage C2S Cover, 25X38". Then cut to get 3 sheets of 18x12" (long edge grain direction). I cut it to get 4 sheets 12x18", but every time was paper jam.
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    Looking for PDF files to calibrate magnification on Ricoh C9200

    Looking for PDF files to calibrate magnification on Ricoh C9200. I think other models of Ricoh machines like C7000 series can use same calibration files. These files should be on CD delivered with a machine, but we can not find them. See the picture below to see what this pdf looks like. If...
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    looking for the service mode password for Graphic Whizard PT SCC (older version)

    I need the service mode password for Graphic Whizard PT SCC (older version). And the service manual and parts list if possible. Can anyone help?
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    Looking for Fiery E85 Recovery Disk 1

    Looking for Fiery E85 Recovery Disk 1. Thanks for your help! Zibi
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    Looking for Hard Covers

    Hi, I need to order Hard Covers, 8.5x11", Landscape, book thickness 1", Digital Printed, and laminated (cross, fabric-like laminate finish preferred), 300 pcs quantity. Is anyone in Chicago area who can do it for me?
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    Ricoh C9200 - M0B15254 board WTB

    Msaeger, is possible to order board from you? board M0B15254 PCB:IOB2
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    Ricoh C9200 - M0B15254 board WTB

    Hi, On my C9200 press I need to replace board M0B15254 PCB:IOB2. Any idea from where I can get it? Zibi
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    Workflow management software

    Try ClickUp app.
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    Xerox Versant - Color shift from left to right side of print

    Fixed by Density Uniformity Adjustment!
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    Xerox Versant - Color shift from left to right side of print

    Hi, I have a problem with colors across the page. See attached scans of printed images. These sample images were printed on 12x18". Arrow show paper feed direction. The left side is more magenta, right side of the print is more green. I replaced developer powder (all colors) and same problem...


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