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    Online Print Solutions help needed

    I to have one store on OPS. I don't know anything about changing a url, but I have an export employees under reports. I can send you the SQL it uses if would help. It exports a csv file with the following info: External Id CC Number Firstname Lastname Email Phone Fax...
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    Glunz-Jensen Scrub Cover

    Good morning. We are in search of a scrub cover for our Gunz-Jensen plate processor, and are having a bit of trouble finding them What are you using and where do you get them? Thanks Paul
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    Screen 8600

    Turns out there was a cable issue. Reseated all cables and all is well. Thanks
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    Screen 8600

    We seem to have developed a problem with our Screen 8600. It looks like half a bank of lasers are firing at the wrong time. I can make plates using the first bank in 32 channel mode, but in 64 channel I get this. We did replace a laser earlier in the week, but not on the bank that messing up...
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    Handwritten Font for Variable Data
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    Processor Less Plates

    Hello Ray, It has been a long time. Hope all is well. I do have a question about these plates. Where does the emulsion go that falls outside of the paper. Say I have a 40 inch plate, and I am running 25 inch paper. That leaves 7.5 inches on each side of the paper. Where does that emulsion go? I...
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    Help with XmPie project output

    Unfortunately it is a Windows only program. I run it in a VirtualBox VM for most of my needs. I do have a larger project every year where I need to split 100 supplied pdf files that contain 500,000+ pages that I run on our Windows server.
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    Help with XmPie project output

    I use a program called PDF Content Splitter to do just what you need. Been using it for years to split and name pdf files based on an ID.
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    New to Us Press

    Good Morning everyone, We have recently acquired a 2008 Heidelberg SM102 with CPC 2000 electronics. The operators touch screen is pretty dim and we would like to make it brighter. However, we can not seem to find any brightness/contrast settings on it. Is there a trick to get to the touchscreen...
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    Greek character encoding for heidelberg toolbox vdp editor

    Have you tried exporting out as UTF-16?
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    Smart Casing

    Some jobs are with mailing software and some are not. At this time, we have decided to have our developer create something. I know it will never be 100%, but hopefully it will be better than nothing.
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    Smart Casing

    MailGuru, Thanks for the info, unfortunately we are dealing with the contents of the envelope. I to think that this is a pipe dream. This will turn out to be a manual fix. OffsetSorefront, I chose my words poorly. They want us to fix the data supplied to us from their database, not their actual...
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    Smart Casing

    I have a customer that is demanding we get some kind of software to fix the casing in their database. I don't think it is about the names as much as it is about things like LLC or III, things like that. They mentioned something called DataLift, but I can not find any information on this...
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    XMPie StoreFlow

    We are still using OPS. The reasons for looking at a different solution no longer exists, so we will be staying with it until we have to move.
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    Indesign Spontaneous Swatch Change

    It is not the pdf that is the issue. The actual swatch in Indesign is what changed.
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    screen 8300s ctp take very long time load particular size of plate.

    If it is like our 8600, those continual clicks are the weights trying to balance the drum for that size plate. I think it shows balancing on the user screen. If the weights get worn or dirty, it can have a hard time balancing and just keeps retrying. This happened to us when going from a larger...
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    Indesign Spontaneous Swatch Change

    I am researching an issue that popped up with a couple of files and want to get some expert input. I have two different files supplied by the customer that has a CMYK swatch with the build of 72,91,38,28. As far as I can see, there is nothing special with this swatch in either document. We had...
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    Screen 8600 Laser Diode

    I am pretty sure it is just the age of the lasers. They do have 4,000+ hours on them.
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    Screen 8600 Laser Diode

    I usually buy these from Bob Webber, but they seem to be out and I need some rather badly. Any recommendations on where else I can get them?
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    XMPie StoreFlow

    Hello all. We are looking at the possibility of upgrading our current online storefront. We currently have OPS. I have it narrowed down to either EFI DigitalStorefront, or XMPie StoreFlow. I am not interested in SAAS storefronts, and as far as I know these are the only two that still allow local...


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