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    80# Silk Text Creasing??

    Is it creasing on the side 2? If so make sure the de-curling on side 1 is not curling it downward. Otherwise try lower fuser temperature. There is also speed settings for the 2ndBTR and fuser that you could try as well
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    Marks Lead Edge to Trail Edge

    You probably have dirt or derbies build up on the pressure plate called a slip sheet under the fuser belt.
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    Marks Lead Edge to Trail Edge

    Stop it halfway through the fuser.
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    "Proposed Ban on Carbon Black Raises Red Flags for New York State Printers"

    I bet it is a scheme to print blank ballots so that the counters can count for the candidates as they see fit. After all it's not voters but the counters that count.
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    morning flight

    I have not heard anything since I found out about Hal's passing. Keep checking, maybe someone is taking over the software.
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    Xerox Versant 180 wrinkles in paper

    Lower fuser temp.
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    Why Mac?

    Now that Apple no longer uses Intel processors we don't need those huge cooling cases to prevent throttling from the heat generated, that caused the pauses in both platforms. Those new chips kick-a$$ even on a M2 mini.
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    Looking to purchase a Versant 3100

    They can't manufacture reliable drums or toner. Even if under a service contract I would not consider it.
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    Toner contamination on the white of the paper? Xerox 4100

    Does it show on the back side is a simplex sheet? If so the 2nd BTR is not cleaning the roller?
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    Passing of Helmut "Hal" Heindel another Printing Industry Great and Guru of Print Estimating/MIS

    I have used his software for years. And helped him a little bit when he was working on the wide format addition. We had some nice chats and he had some interest in model railroading which I am heavily into. So sad to hear of his passing.
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    Quoting software for wide format

    Check out Morning Flight Estimating.
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    Spectrphotometer Free Software?

    The Xrite i1 PRO is a very old spectrophotometer. That could be your problem. Better just purchase for EFI the whole Fiery Color Profile Suite with new spectrophotometer. There is no cheap way to get correct color and you can't afford to keep printing uncorrect color.
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    Spectrphotometer Free Software?

    You can use Xrite i1 PRO spectrophotometer to calibrate the V180. Does the not help with the default output profiles.
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    Duplo 645 cutter/slitter/creasor

    Did you also install the driver? 32-bit or 64-bit which ever you need.
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    Iridesse color consistency issues...

    That may be telling. But since we really don't know what environment they are in, what maintenance in regards to image quality is being done. what paper is being used, it is hard to say what exactly is going on. All I know is our Iridesse is the most color consistent of any digital press I...
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    Ink Appearance Iridesse vs Ricoh

    That has not been my observation, but I have not compared much Ricoh output with our Iridesse. With the right settings I am well pleased with the solid blacks of our Iridesse on coated stock. On uncoated I think the Versants were better. Without knowing what black output setting they might have...
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    Xerox Versant 180 Stapled Sets Misfeeds/Out of Order

    I have not seen you mention humidity levels. To high or to low can cause these kind of issues especially if it is random.
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    Hohner Stitcher Repairs...

    Don't discount that you may have gotten a spool of wire that may be thiner than it should be for stitching that thickness.
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    James Burn Docupunch issue

    I use one as well. Had to do some small tweaking that last one we bought new but have it working real good now. What problems are you having?
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    hp Latex alternative to Lexjet distributor

    Sounds like someone is trying to get a jump on 4/1. HP surely is not that ignorant.


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