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  1. CSF

    Looking for Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 F oscillating form roller cores

    Try The Roller Specialists in Watertown WI 920.262.1817
  2. CSF

    Splody dots

    Fingers crossed !
  3. CSF

    Fountain solution formula suggestion for DotWorks Unicorn plates, please.

    Representation from Dotworks says these start-up differently than your current plate. Run the plate dry prior to dropping the forms. The ink removes the image on these plates not the fount. Also DOP plates are much more calcium sensitive, so do a thorough roller clean and decal. Clean damp...
  4. CSF

    Fountain solution formula suggestion for DotWorks Unicorn plates, please.

    What press are they running on ?
  5. CSF

    Good replacement for Zipset

    Spinks Ink is a quality replacement for the Zipset/Tokyo inks. Quickset (oil), Acrylic and Rubber Base for smaller presses. The Titan line is the mid-size commercial ink, process ink if that is needed.
  6. CSF

    Pantone: + or not?

    May 11 2010 the Pantone Plus System was introduced. Info below is from Pantone press release at the time and information provided to re-sellers. The PLUS SERIES Colors are printed using the same 14 Basic Color Inks as the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. One new difference – and advantage – is that all...
  7. CSF

    Has Covid killed the business card?

    The majority of shops I go in these days, the pressroom manager doesn't even have a card to give me. The very people who should be showcasing their printing ability and creativity. Says a lot.
  8. CSF

    Splody dots

    Curiosity, Thanks for the follow up. Glad it helped. Regular use will start offering more control of the press. We appreciate the opportunity you allowed us. Any questions, just ask
  9. CSF

    Splody dots

    I'm insulted when I'm doubted. I also understand the skepticism. I do hope to earn your respect for our product. I want you to do research. I want you to learn about it. Feel free to ask questions. Please, start dialogue if the goal really is to help printers. Remember, we also learn when we...
  10. CSF

    Splody dots

    I appreciate and fully respect your thoughts on the fine Bottcher products. Up until about four years ago I would concur with your endorsement. I feel Calcium Slayer & Flush is the finest roller cleaner/deglazer/decalcifier/ roller conditioner/ roller wash that has ever been. I also like...
  11. CSF

    Splody dots

    Data ? None to offer except real results, on the spot measurements, comments, testimonials, feedback. etc. Have been promised data, feedback, etc., from shops and corporations that I have given product to, demoed for, advised, and instructed. Very little has materialized. I crave the data and...
  12. CSF

    Splody dots

    Yes, I am. I am the co-creator of it. I sell it to distributors. On this forum I only speak of it when people seek a solution. It solves problems for offset printers and that's what this forum is for, I believe. All printers, of course, but I am offset focused.
  13. CSF

    Splody dots

    The Febo and Calcium Fix are not effective enough, Curiosity. Trust me. No wash is going to do what it is capable until after The Slayer. Most of the people on here are not even aware of the product so they don't get how awesome it is. You will soon know.
  14. CSF

    Splody dots

    Curiosity, You'll be fine. Wait until The Slayer arrives. After using it, the wash will do its job much better. No matter what wash you use now, it will not get the calcium out, because calcium is not water or solvent soluble, so it really can't get much else out. Trapped in your rollers right...
  15. CSF

    Ryobi 3302M button

    Chris, any photos to share ? How are they not cleaned as you feel they should be ? Ink stains ? Calcium build-up ? Paper left in rollers ? Understand that much "debris" in your rollers is NOT water or solvent soluble, so the thorough cleanings we desire are not always possible with the products...
  16. CSF

    Processor Less Plates

    Hello Ray As you know, calcium contamination is a MAJOR issue facing DOP plates. Blinding and excessive plate wear are directly tied to the calcium effect. If you are the SoCal Ray I think you are, my associate Paul J. contacted you awhile back because you expressed interest on LinkedIn in...
  17. CSF

    APA vs. Alcohol Subtitute

    Both are alcohol subs. APA is designed for use with continuous dampening systems and with FC1000 fount. Both are private label products. IDK who makes the ABDick stuff or the technical requirements. Though never mandatory and feel free to do as you please, but most subs are designed to be used...
  18. CSF

    Adding printing areas on ctp plates

    per Nikken SDS sheet Methyl ethyl ketone Xylene (Mixture of isomers) Toluene Ethylbenzene Ester solvents
  19. CSF

    Adding printing areas on ctp plates

    Burnishine no longer offers an addition pen. Nikken offers the #134 series of addition pens for small minor short term plate additions, pin holes, broken solids.
  20. CSF

    Huber - A little slow

    You're right Lukew. All the manufacturers spew what the public wants to hear, though. Thanks for the article !


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