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    KM 6100 and 3070 print too red

    Minolta user for 4 years here. Was 3070, now 6085, color science/toners is the same. Minolta tend to be more red than Xerox. Ok, my workaround - I made simple default colour curve in ColorCentro (native minolta app), with -10% magenta (from top right coner) and +2% cyan, saved that as default...
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    need drivers and advice from Anynet ANY002 users

    Hi there, New user here. Just got anytron any002 printer, cant start printing :/ Problem is, i dont have install cd. Anytron refusing to provide support. Seller cant find cd or digital copy. So i'm using Oki PCL5 driver (printer connected over USB) , whitch gives me "Check tray" error. What do...
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    Color variationon Any002 Digital Label Press

    Hi, do you still have the printer? Need some help (with drivers or connection)


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