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    Fogra 51 and 52 profiles do not match ISO 12647 !

    Hi, had noticed the same here. (what software are you using, seems very interesting to me!) I digged a bit and I have fount that F51 is ruling over PSO coated 2013, because the ISO 12647-2/2013 is under update. I don't have any further info, sorry.
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    Plate consistency

    Thanks for all your help. Today I am going to discuss these problems with vendor A. Because those plates are the real problem. To Gordo: thabks a lot, I totally agree with you, but to be certain that CTP laser is not the problem the CTP tech guy suggested me to do this. In real print environment...
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    Plate consistency

    Hi Forumers, hope to find you well. I am facing a strange problem and I would like to know if you faced something similar and if you have a possible solution. I am ahving troubles with processless plates, while exposed and developed I am reading different values from plate to plate, here I have...
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    Fuji Xerox v3100i verse Km C4070

    Hi! I believe that everyone here has its own opinion based on its own story with different brands. Here is mine: I switched from Xerox to KM and I am still super happy!I had a V80 and were only problems. We finally bought a KM 3080+… And all my problems are fixed. I am happy with that machine...
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    Any ideas? (extract images from PDF, run image enhancements, then replace back into PDF)

    Surfing the net I smashed my face on this… Maybe… Topaz Photo AI is great into upscaling and adding sharpen, but it doesn't work on contrast, white balance and color.
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    Any ideas? (extract images from PDF, run image enhancements, then replace back into PDF)

    Hi you could do it entirely with Affinity Publisher. You open the pdf, you collect embed images into a folder and then run them into an enhancement software (ate the moment, as far as I know, Claro still remain the best one… But if there are better and cheaper one, well, thanks fo the hint!)...
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    KM 3080 misregistration front to back skew image

    Hi, thanks a lot I am aware of methods to adjust it. But the real problem is that the difference is out of action range. So none of the procedure you mentioned fixe the problem. They help. they reduce the difference but… I am not sure that a IQ-501 would solve this. G:
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    KM 3080 misregistration front to back skew image

    Hi all, I am facing a strage issue with my KM 3080, setting the front and back registration on a banner paper of 74cm I have both sides skewed by 5mm. Speaking with the tech guy seems not to be an option to solve it. May I ask you if someone faced this problem and how it fixed it? Thanks a lot. G:
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    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    Hi, switched during lockdown in Italy. What can I say? The learning curve is not steep as you may believe. There are things that are different but can be achievable with a workaround (some other not… I must admit it). Now I have 2 mac seat; one with perpetual licenses from Affinity and other...
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    Distorting offset plates for growth compensation?

    Have heard something like it some years ago and collected this information… Who knows, it could turn helpful in future...
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    Paper production in Italy haunted by Russia sanctions

    Hi Gordo, being italian, living there and try to make a life in a press farm, I tell you the truth we are facing. Paper, cardboard and every press media price has risen to stars. If you do a quote today, you have to confirm the paper prince in a couple of days. Inks and other supplies aren't...
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    KM1 Inkjet Imposition

    Nope, you just have to save/export the pdf before render it!
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    KM1 and Variable Data Files

    HI, it's me again. The best way to manage variable data is to purchase a sftware that could do it for you (XMPIE for example, is the most famous one).After that you can generate your pdf and put it into XMF for preflight and imposition. I don0t know if XMF has a VDP module. However it all...
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    KM1 Inkjet Imposition

    Hi, as far as I know you should be able to export an imposed pdf from XMF and throw it into KM1 Rip. Not having an imposition is quite popular nowadays, so you can integrate it into your workflow without limits.
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    Callas PDF toolbox trimbox size info

    Thanks Ulrich… in the last months I have started an experiment "prepress could survive without Adobe?" I might admit that the answer is YES… With some workaround, or it is just me that I have to reprogram my mind. Thanks a lot for your help!!!
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    Callas PDF toolbox trimbox size info

    Thanks a lot!!! (sorry for the delay… I was away lately)
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    Curious, looks like a custom spot color with no fill objects with a multiply transparency applied at 0%. Callas Pdf Toolbox failed to detect and correct it. Xitron rip rendered its black background only. Xmf is still working on it… (35min) Who is the criminal mind behind this file? 🤣🤣🤣
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    Trapping white knockouts with boosted black

    Hi, I had same issue a couple of years ago. I emailed to Xitron and they gave me a script that enable a feature calle Sperblack trap set. You have to set the K value you want to start the trapping and it is done! Hope it could be useful. G:
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    looking for inksave software for supplied PDF file for offset printing

    Hi, we (ab)use ColorLogic Zepra. Not cheap but it worth every cent. The guys in pressroom can't live anymore without it.
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    Callas PDF toolbox trimbox size info

    Hi Puch, thanks for your answer. Running a check is better than nothing. I was consuming my brain searching for a way to do it! So, many many many many thanks for this precious help. I really appreciate it! G:


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