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    Duplo DC-646 v Duplo DC-618

    We've had our 618 for almost 3 years now almost 2 million cuts. We have had to replace the blade once, but never the rollers. Cleaning the rollers helps a ton, also if you leave it on, it will rotate the rollers on its own every so often to avoid flat spots. We still run the original rollers...
  2. J

    Print Shop Departments and who goes where?

    No our prepress does not do design. We have a separate design department. I like your thoughts about sales though.
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    Duplo 618 blade replacement

    We had our blade assembly fail after 1.6 million cuts. We figured since the moving parts had to be replaced we'd just replace the blade as well. Was surprised to see that they sell the blade 2 different ways. One way is by itself and the other is as an assembly with all the moving parts. I think...
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    Print Shop Departments and who goes where?

    It would be nice if we were all in the same building - this new building will bring together 3 others - so we are making progress.
  5. J

    Print Shop Departments and who goes where?

    We do not have any offset presses. We have the following: 2 - HP R2000 1 - SwissQ Nyala 1 - Durst P5 4 - Epson 64" surecolor series printers 1 - Ricoh 9500 1 - Ricoh 7210x 4 - Colex Sharpcut 1 - Kongsberg C64 2 - Zund D3 1 - Rollem Insignia 6H Prepress has a hand in the setups of almost...
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    Print Shop Departments and who goes where?

    Currently, most of our departments are under one roof. We have just signed a lease for a new production warehouse that will house our production, bindery, and shipping departments. Our sales, design, administration, and prepress employees will all be housed back at the old building. I am...
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    Which Duplo Folder

    Ink/Toner cracks on the 1200, so it probably will on the 1300. Just an FYI for any jobs that have full coverage.
  8. J

    Ricoh Pro C7110x black toner scumming

    I would say get new developer. I had a similar issue and replacing the developer fixed it.
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    Toner vs. Inkjet stickers?

    We have officially moved our 2" and 3" indoor glossy stickers to the Ricoh. Based on volume we may move other indoor stickers to our Ricoh as well and then die-cut them. We are finding we don't need to laminate these as many of the designs are seasonal and they are not expected to last long...
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    White Ink for Kraft Board

    What equipment are you printing with?
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    Is there reflective sheeting for dry toner?

    We already use our roll printers such as the colorado to do them. The problem really lies in the speed of printing and the finishing. We don't have a label press, so we have to use our wide rolls then laminate, then cut out on our colex. Smaller items take forever to cutout on a colex. If we...
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    Is there reflective sheeting for dry toner?

    I am looking into the possibility of printing onto reflective sheeting using our Ricoh pro c7210x. I am looking for a material similar to 3M IJ5100 or Nikkalite 48000 sheeting. I don't even know if it is possible. Has anyone else looked into or tried this?
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    How do you manage multiple presses with different overage thresholds?

    One of the problems I have is I do some inline catalog production. When I get a good size order, the press could be stuck running that job for quite some time. I have a recurring project that I have to break up into sections because 200 catalogs will take 4 hours and the order is for 1000...
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    How do you manage multiple presses with different overage thresholds?

    30,000 is our minimum. We always exceed 100,000.
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    How do you manage multiple presses with different overage thresholds?

    I like the idea of going without a minimum. That would reduce the lease payment quite a bit. Our current machine minimum is 30,000 and we always exceed it. Basically, i am trying to take the money i put towards the overages and get a second machine to help with down time and give us more...
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    How do you manage multiple presses with different overage thresholds?

    We have one digital press right now and are looking into getting a second. We asked if we could pool our clicks if we were to get a second press. The answer was no because we lease. So I am wondering what solutions have others done. Without tracking the clicks on each machine, I can see a...
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    Best Synthetic Paper for Ricoh Pro C7200S?

    Another vote for Synaps. We print the 14mil, we don't have static issues before we print, but always have plenty of static after. We have a Ricoh 7210x. I don't run it on the synthetic setting however. I tell it that it is running glossy coated - works like a charm.
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    Vehicle magnets

    We've found that something as simple as rounding the corners helped them stay on. Once we started doing that, they didn't fly off. Also, check out Magnum Magnetics - Magnet Manufacturer USA we use a variety of their magnetic roll materials.
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    Cutting - BEST PRACTICES

    Hey! Thanks for the quick guide jwheeler
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    Cutting - BEST PRACTICES

    We recently installed a new Polar N 78 Plus cutter, before this we were using our Duplo 618 and a very old/small triumph stack cutter. This new cutter is amazing. The problem is I don't have a lot of experience using these kinds of cutters. I am wondering if there is a website or whitepaper that...


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