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    Print head alignment and banding of light Cyan on P9000

    I am in Canada, and there does not look like a similar program. There is a good service company in Vancouver, but that is a ferry ride away in a Covid-19 world. To add insult to injury, my other Epson 9890 is also have clogged head issues (stubborn clog in the LK channel). Talked to Epson...
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    Print head alignment and banding of light Cyan on P9000

    The printer is less than 1.5 years old with just average usage. I have own an Epson 9600, 9800, 9880, 9890 and now a P9000 and this is the first time I have ever seen this issue or had to replace a print head. I have way more clogged jets with the newer models than I ever had with the early models.
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    Print head alignment and banding of light Cyan on P9000

    I have been getting horizontal banding in my cyan when printing. First I thought it was due to a clogged inkjet, but after cleaning and testing I see that the light cyan has an alignment issue. Every jet is clean, but the edges of the light cyan test strip show that there is a wiggle on each...
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    Xerox 700 - Splash RPX-iii - Mac - new install

    RPX-iii RPX-iii Hey Glen, Thanks for the post. Good to see more Splash RPS-iii pros popping up. I've come a long way since that post and all for the better... I've got the combo purring like a kitten now. The colour reproduction through the Splash is breathtaking at times, now that the...
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    Splash RPX-iii - anyone using??

    Any one out there using the new EFI Splash RPX-iii? I have it as a new install for my Xerox 700, and have had troubles with Imposition and color space set-up. Preferred files? Likes and dislikes? Colourz
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    Xerox 700 - Splash RPX-iii - Mac - new install

    I've leased a Xerox 700 with a bustled RIP a month ago. I found the CommandWorkStation very light for making changes to color and more detailed printing, and was recommended to upgrade to Splash RPX-iii. I upgraded to the Splash RPX-iii last week and have had nothing but trouble. I am...


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