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    Looking Feedback on Capability of Hikari 270 7 U7HLLN,2006

    The specifications of the press are:280 mm web width,intermittent,7 colour, with interdeck Hikari UV 9 kw drying power,2 hot foil units, flatbed silk screen- Screen unit is flatbed made by Rapid equipment in Sydney has been retrofitted to the press and has a GEW E-BRICK UV curing unit on it...
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    Dainippon Screen PT R4300S,2007

    Min:324x 370 min,Max:830x 660 max,The machine runs the Agfa Apogee software v10.69.0 , with the server included,All the operation manuals to go with the machine.Good Working condition. Ex University Machine. Has done little work Contact: [email protected] whatsapp: 61408358143
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    Bobst versus Jagenberg Diecutters

    Can anyone help with information on Jagenberg Diecutters and the difference between the Bobst and the Jagenberg. thanks Margaret Lucas ( AS NEW PRINTING MACHINERY COMPANY PTY LTD ITF LUCAS FAMILY TRUST. M: +61 408 358 143 = Whatsapp & Viber. Skype:asnewprint E: [email protected]...
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    Does anyone have these manuals and can offer copies of the same. Please let us know what you have - which year and model and the cost for copies. Maybe send us a photo of the manuals you have. The machine has 8 colour,6 colours around CI drum and 2 stack units ,All units have inter deck Kopack...
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    Heidelberg SM 72 VP ELECTRICAL ISSUE

    One of our buyers has a Heidelberg SM 72 VP that he is installing and has asked for assistance to resolve the issue below: All indicator lights are off except unit 1. We have tried troubleshooting by checking the contactors in the main power cabinet. We assume it might be a sensor that is...
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    Problem with Roland 305

    Thanks So much . We have on sent your reply to our client and asked him to contact you.
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    Problem with Roland 305

    We have been asked to provide answers to the questions below. Can anyone assist with answers: Three cpl turret motors of a Roland 305 printing machine were replaced due to the ones in the machine being broken. The zinc clamp to close the turret is not calibrated. Is it necessary to return the...
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    Intermittent Startup Issue with Man Roland 304P

    We have a intermittent startup issue with a Roland 304P,2001 . The problem has come up a few times (not at all regularly) and we would simply turn the press off and on again. It is only in the start up. Once the the machine starts it will operate correctly. The press has not printed for 6...
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    Can anyone assist with a website that could have a circuit diagram for a Horizon SPF 20A. We have a client who purchased a replacement screen for the unit but is unable to connect the new screen effectively. Thanks Margaret Lucas whatsapp: 61408358143 email: [email protected]
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    Rotoflex 250 VSI slitter/rewinder.

    Does anyone know if a Rotoflex 250 VSI can slit down to 17mm. Thanks Margaret lucas whatsapp: 61408358143 email:[email protected]
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    Nilpeter FB3300 Location of meter for total number of hours

    thanks for the reply. We managed to locate the hours
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    Nilpeter FB3300 Location of meter for total number of hours

    Does anyone know the location of the counter that records the total number of hours /metres of use on a Nilpeter FB3000 label press. Thanks Margaret Lucas [email protected]
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    Guillotine Blade modification

    okay understand re OH& S issues. I will leave. Thanks for the feedback appreciate it
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    Guillotine Blade modification

    We have been asked if Polar 105/107 blades can be modified to suit another size guillotine.- 1325x 120x 11.95mm. There are 8 brand new blades. Would appreciate feedback.Understand may be best to scrap. Thanks margaret [email protected] Signal or whatsapp: 61408358143
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    Fuji Luxel V8 error message

    The machine was running well before it was turned off and kept as a backup machine. Now an error message saying there is a plate jam coming up but it has no plates in it. Is this just a reset issue? or ? Thanks Margaret Lucas [email protected] whatsapp: 61408358143
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    Flexo Printing Capability

    Does anyone know if the machine below could be used to print refresher towel material or refer me to a relevant print forum: Allied 100, 4 colour 10" flexo press with 3 die stations,Water based but does have one UV dryer, UNWIND, laminator. Has a turn bar . User also needs to print on 90 to 105...
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    Counter location for kodak magnus 400 lda 2,2011

    Does anyone know where the counter is located for Kodak Magnus
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    Komori 8 colour software issue

    We have a Komori 8 colour press that has software in french and need to know how we go about changing to an english version.In addition the computer appears to be faulty and crashes frequently. Could the latter be a driver issue and one where the software drivers need replacing. We suspecty the...
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    Plates used for Gallus TCS 250,2000

    Hi! Alois Thanks for the reply. The Gallus TCS 250 is a waterless press hence the question Kodak trillion are waterless plates . Toray plates are waterless.The modifications to Gallus to run waterless have laready been made. Am I missing something? thanks
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    Plates used for Gallus TCS 250,2000

    Hi! Everyone, I need to know if it is possible to use Toray plates instead of Kodak Trillion plates on a Gallus TCS 250 ,waterless, Interdeck UV, Screen,Flexo,Hot Stamp Foil,Embossing ETC ETC . We have a buyer who wants to use the Toray plates however Kodak trillion plates have been used on...


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