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  1. scotts

    latest InDesign beta opens/converts PDF files

    I do remember ALAP. They had quite a few very good plug-ins back in the day. And I remember when Quark assimilated them. I was not happy.
  2. scotts

    Xante/Ricoh vs Mach 6 Envelope Press

    We have two Mach 6 and had the Mach 5 before it. I have seen the sample pack, not a highlight of the quality that these units can do. But it does showcase the different media you can print on. Except for coated stock. And as far as black imprints, we do hundreds of these types of jobs with...
  3. scotts

    Ricoh Tech Conversation Today...

    We have Fiery on both of our Ricohs. We do not use the Fiery's Adobe PDF Print Engine to print, unless there is an issue with it printing our PDFs. Maybe with your new install, the tech turned that on by default. And maybe that is what Ricoh support is talking about when they mean print using...
  4. scotts

    Day vs Night Shift

    That would never happen.
  5. scotts

    [SOLVED] iJetColor 1175P - Not printing to edge - First week with machine so probably something on my end. ALSO imprinting on masters issue.

    I have not run an iJetColor but on a Memjet there is a "Purge Bar Position" that we have had to adjust to get our presses to be able to full bleed. It is basically telling the press where it can purge the heads between sheets/envelopes. And we just needed to move it a bit further away from the...
  6. scotts

    The Salary Strategy

    Fred is the innovator and you're just a copy. And now they "don't" have any extra money for copies. Fred is paid more, so he can do more now too. Never threaten to do anything, either do it or don't.
  7. scotts

    What are Pantone P colours?

    I, for one, no longer see Pantone as a standard.
  8. scotts

    Hello World

    Sometimes it is also just helpful knowing you are not alone in your struggles.
  9. scotts

    Yes, we are located in the US. And you fill out our request for a quote here, because if you...

    Yes, we are located in the US. And you fill out our request for a quote here, because if you send it direct to me, I would give it to one of our sales people who would need your contact info anyways. As I'm in prepress and tech. And you can ask to see samples in the special notes field too. We...
  10. scotts

    Digital Metallic Ink Xerox vs. Rioch vs. HP

    We have an HP Indigo and I have seen many pieces that we have printed on black/red/other colored stocks that look quite good. But as another posted stated, you need to lay a white base down first. Pretty easy to do actually. I'm not sure of the stock we printed on but with the addition of a...
  11. scotts

    Colex Flatbed Cutter Tutorials

    Have you checked the manufactures support forum? There's is pretty good. You will have to register to get access. Just checked the site and it has a section called Colex SharpCut Training Course. Direct link to the support page.
  12. scotts

    Beware of Printware

    If you are using the software mColor which uses a Harlequin RIP called Navigator, I would try contacting the manufacture of that software direct. They are call Xitron and they have a forum you can use to get some help. They might be able to help you out. I do not go through our hardware...
  13. scotts

    A Printer's Thanksgiving

    Wait till the Christmas cards arrive and you judge the people by the quality of paper/printing/ink or toner, and then you start guessing what machine it was run on. Or even smell it. Than you know you have problems. Oh wait, we are printing, we already know we have problems. ;)
  14. scotts

    Since support for Type 1 fonts is ending in January......

    @chriscozi I'm impressed. I might have the Blue book still. I can't remember. I know that I still have a few books on Postscript.
  15. scotts

    Since support for Type 1 fonts is ending in January......

    We have been telling our customers for the past year about the impending doom. And have seen them making changes in their files. And for the folks converting the fonts, you better read the licensing agreement, as all the ones I've read state that you are not supposed to do that. But I know, us...
  16. scotts

    Are you visiting Printing United 2022? Why?

    @onprintshop Definitely will, but not a fan of Las Vegas. But did get married there, per the wife 😍. She would be happy to go there again.
  17. scotts

    Are you visiting Printing United 2022? Why?

    1. No 2. Cost. Only ever been to Print at Chicago because it was close to me and I went on my dime. 3. If I did go. Always look at software a bit, talk with my current vendors to keep up good connections with them. Digital presses to see what is out there now and get an idea of what is to come...
  18. scotts

    Xante Impressia - IQueue - printing issues

    Have you checked your hard drive space? Or cleaned out any of your old jobs? You may be running low on space for the software to build the queue to print.
  19. scotts

    Is de-printer a viable tech?

    I am to old. But my question on this, have they studied the chemical analysis of the vaporizing of the ink off the paper. It's not like the ink just disappears into nothingness. We all should know at this point in time, that it just changes shape and is broken down into smaller pieces. Is that...


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