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  1. Ynot_UK

    Election Printing Errors in the news
  2. Ynot_UK

    Web to Print hosting

    If you contact forum admin, you may find there are paid advertising opportunities available for vendors such as yourself, which should bring in better returns than digging up and spamming a twelve year old post. Just saying.
  3. Ynot_UK

    Saddle Stitcher

    Looks that way, although at least it's not spouting off topic horse shit like they tend to, the DBM-150T is a nice little machine.
  4. Ynot_UK

    Vendor Needed Paper Banding Work

    I imagine if we secured an envelope banding contract for those volumes and frequencies, we'd invest in the equipment to keep it inhouse.
  5. Ynot_UK

    Talk to me about foil printers

    May be worth going to see one, although "user friendly software" in the specs could be a PITA. I'd prefer a print driver where I could choose a layer from existing Adobe workflows. Also the USB connectivity ain't great, I'd prefer to hang it off the network, then it would be a true print on...
  6. Ynot_UK

    Canon v700 OR Konica Minolta C4065

    The KM C4080 will handle the volume, although if you currently have Xerox, unless you are dissatisfied with the support you've been getting and are looking for a change, I'd be inclined to stick with Xerox.
  7. Ynot_UK

    Single Color Counter Feature on C14000

    ah - learned something new there - I'd also (incorrectly) assumed a "colour" in this context to be C, M or Y as opposed to a predefined palette
  8. Ynot_UK

    Konica Minolta IQ-501 worth it?

    If the evolution times between KM generations 1060 > 2060 > 3070 > 4070 series' are to go by, then a 50nn series announcement may be imminent.
  9. Ynot_UK

    Single Color Counter Feature on C14000

    Other than when the engineer runs test pages, I can't think of any occasion we've ever printed anything in 100% C, M, or Y whilst the other two were at 0%. YMMV.
  10. Ynot_UK

    Konica Minolta IQ-501 worth it?

    We have a C4080 without the IQ-501, with scanner and OC-511 cover as @jwheeler describes above. There have never been any registration issues - it is accurate and consistent. The RU-518m relay unit is great, delivering perfectly flat sheets even with challenging synthetic substrates. Also...
  11. Ynot_UK

    How to judge paper quality?

    is the Liz Truss lookalike convincing though?
  12. Ynot_UK

    Methods for reducing static on Duplo 646

    Have a look at the anti static equipment from Meech International. They came to see us a few years back and demo’d an anti static wand you could fix above the input or output to, in our case a laminator or cutting table. Whist we didn’t buy one, as it’s performance on the laminator (which is...
  13. Ynot_UK

    Canon v700 OR Konica Minolta C4065

    @tarandeep It would be interesting what criteria you've used to narrow down to those two specific machines. Out of the two, if you are going to be printing onto coated stocks, the KM has the option of the excellent PF-707m air fed paper deck, that alone would make the decision for me. What is...
  14. Ynot_UK

    Help printing blue prints

    Is it a PDF ? I’ve had multi page PDFs with a “bad page” before and when narrowing it down the offending page was where the page changed orientation.
  15. Ynot_UK

    Duplo 618 Paper Guides

    If they are the same as on the Duplo Df-1200, I agree they are rather lightweight. The Morgana ones are rather solid, I guess you can buy them as spares.
  16. Ynot_UK

    How to judge paper quality?

    Probably more info. required for a specific answer, so for starters... Are you listed with any paper merchants? Not sure what the game is like is NZ, however in Europe, the US, Canada, etc, the norm is to be have accounts with one or more paper merchants. In my experience here in the UK, the...
  17. Ynot_UK

    First Day in Shipping

    @gordo please can we have an alt version, where he labels it "Fragile - This Side Up" then is pictured stamping on the top of each box?
  18. Ynot_UK

    Recieved an insane quote for Formax ColorMax8 parts

    This sort of thing is why I’ve been wary about these devices. Whilst the demos and versatility of the Memjet head is awesome, all the claims of how cheap each copy is, can be blown out of the water if you have a massive invoice to pay after just over a year. Are there any of the re-badgers...
  19. Ynot_UK

    Xerox Versant 180 wrinkles in paper

    Welcome, for starters... When did the problem start? Does this only happen on one/all substrates? Does it happen from all paper sources? Is your paper catalogue set up correctly?
  20. Ynot_UK

    Nobody will give me a service contract for my Versant 180 despite low use & being immaculate.

    I recall asking the same question at the time... linky


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