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  1. Martin Mueller

    Komori Lithrone 28 (1999) and CIP3

    lostmind, yes, you have to create a CIP3 / PPF file out of your CtP RIP, your workflow or imposition app (Preps). My Komori customers either have a network connection of the console PC system (Win), or the PQ4 data is transferred quite "nostalgically" using 3.5 inch floppy disks. ;-)
  2. Martin Mueller

    Komori Lithrone 28 (1999) and CIP3

    Hi lostmind, for the CIP3/PPF import and conversion to the Komori PQ4 file format, you can use the Komori PCC Windows application.
  3. Martin Mueller

    Xitron Introduces New Offset Prepress Workflow at Drupa

    Looking forward to climb up K2 at DRUPA 2024 next week. 🤗
  4. Martin Mueller

    Heidelberg Presses & CIP3 Ink Data

    I am almost sure that PressPerCent can not generate WIF file format, but perhaps PressProfiler can.
  5. Martin Mueller

    Heidelberg Presses & CIP3 Ink Data

    Hi pd, Sorry I dont know. The best is to ask Andrew Aldridge from Prepress UK PressProfiler CIP3 – Offset Printing Press CIP3 Ink Key Presetting and Statistics Solution Martin
  6. Martin Mueller

    Heidelberg Presses & CIP3 Ink Data

    Hi pd, #2 and #3 are basically using the same engine from Excourse, but #3 has the more comfortable and flexible UI. There are many software RIPs for CtP in the market, which generate CIP3 and/or proprietary file formats too (Harlequin, StudioRIP etc.) Best regards Martin
  7. Martin Mueller

    Enfocus 1-bit TIFFs

    Better use a RIP for CtP.
  8. Martin Mueller

    Stopped, UserName, "Filter" failed ––– After update to Sonoma on Mac

    Hi graphicsource, since macOS 13 (Ventura), Apple no longer supports PostScript (PPD) completely and in Sonoma, PS is vanished. I suspect that is where your problem lies.
  9. Martin Mueller

    MetaDimension Printmanager CIP3 Interface upgrade

    Hi TYson L, If a solution beyond Heidelberg subscriptions is required, I can only recommend the MAC-only application PressPerCent. Regards Martin
  10. Martin Mueller

    Screen Katana service manual needed

    Hi Foliart, I just sent you an email. Best regards Martin
  11. Martin Mueller

    Kodak Achieve platesetter Momentum rip Navigator

    Hello BJeff, if you are open for alternative RIP solutions, try out StudioRIP which contains already the needed "Creo2Scitex" TIFF tag for connecting to Kodak Xpo TIFF-Shooter.
  12. Martin Mueller

    Kodak Achieve platesetter Momentum rip Navigator

    Hello BJeff, there might be a solution for your issue offered by forum member Andrew Aldridge here: Post in thread 'Outputting harlequin 1 bit tiff thro xpo / prinergy'
  13. Martin Mueller

    Newbie advice needed on Heidelberg Prosetter 74

    @tommylos Be carefull with buying a second hand Prinect / MetaDimension Shooter. The shooter must exactly fit to your Suprasetter. Heidelberg changed the Suprasetter technical specifications several times since the release of the machine over ten years ago.
  14. Martin Mueller

    GMG, ORIS, EFI, ... what else?

    ProofMaster does not produce screened proofs.
  15. Martin Mueller

    Newbie advice needed on Heidelberg Prosetter 74

    The HD Suprasetter works very well with all thermal printing plates (830 nm) in the market.
  16. Martin Mueller

    Mitsubishi platemaker question

    @Bobk You won't believe it, there are new SDP-Eco 1630 IIIRz devices existing in Japan equipped with a current SDP-RIP v13 on sale by Mitsubishi Distributor Diamic. Ask Mitsubishi Imaging near NYC, if they sell these devices in the U.S. Here in Europe Distributor Atécé is even selling the...
  17. Martin Mueller

    PDF to ppf converter

    @masterpc mention that Presspercent is a MAC-only application, but it is easy to integrate in your workflow and offers hotfolders for each setup. It can be installed via Teamviewer and comes with a softkey. Contact me directly for further details and pricing. Best regards Martin
  18. Martin Mueller

    Looking for cip3 software

    Hi Jacek, in PressPerCent there are several setup parameters to adjust the ink zone information to your specific press. The basic settings of PPC are often "too weak" and only open the ink keys very insufficiently. In the attached screenshots you can see the menu windows for "Zones Curves", "Ink...
  19. Martin Mueller

    Looking for cip3 software

    PPC and PressProfiler are both based on the Excourse PressPerCent. PressProfiler offers just a little more ease of use and runs on a Windows PC. In the meantime, both also get along well with PDF jobs with spot colors. The current PPC v3.64 has the option of Ghostscript integration for PDF...
  20. Martin Mueller


    The different firmware of the two devices is the issue. The P9000 firmware can't work with the x-rite ILS20 of the SP9900 chassis. You have to replace the ILS20 with an ILS30 and then it will work.


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