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  1. macjmccoy

    Metal Printing Plate Shears/ Register Hole Punching Equipment

    We have a Burgess PL3344-C automatic plate punch. Works great. Is this something you can use?
  2. macjmccoy

    Glunz & Jensen processor Quartz III 85 For Sale

    For Sale a Glunz & Jensen processor Quartz III 85 Production Date of 2012 Serial Number 94199-0536 This processor is clean, in good working condition and was well maintained. It includes the chiller and all unused chemistry. $4,700 or Best Offer
  3. macjmccoy

    Marking when finishing silk coated stocks. 6-COLOR KOMORI LITHRONE S40P

    I'll relay that info to the powers that be. Thanks.
  4. macjmccoy

    Marking when finishing silk coated stocks. 6-COLOR KOMORI LITHRONE S40P

    Yes. The surface is coming into contact with metal parts.
  5. macjmccoy

    Marking when finishing silk coated stocks. 6-COLOR KOMORI LITHRONE S40P

    On our 6-COLOR KOMORI LITHRONE S40P when printing on silk coated stocks (sheet wise, or perfecting) we are getting ink marking in bindery when finishing. We have used Universal and Toyo inks with the same results. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, has it been corrected? How was this achieved?
  6. macjmccoy

    Komori G40P HUV Sheets Sticking on Startup

    We have a 2014 Komori HUV G40P and use Toyo Inks. We have always had problems with sheets sticking to the blankets during startup. Has anyone else encountered this and if so, what have you done to correct it?
  7. macjmccoy

    Adhesive Coatings on Offset Press

    Has anyone heard of, or had experience printing adhesive coatings on an offset press? This would be for packaging purposes. Like a printed board (with and adhesive coating that is maybe heat sensitive) that has an item on it and wrapped with plastic. The plastic would stick to said coating. Thanks
  8. macjmccoy

    Customers complaining of chemical smell on printed pieces.

    We use soy based inks only and have had some complaints from customers about a "chemically" smell on their final pieces. Has anyone else had these same complaints?
  9. macjmccoy

    Import Prinergy job from incremental backup.

    We had several jobs deleted before they were archived out of Prinergy. We were able to restore all of these jobs from incremental backup, but do not know how to import these jobs back into Prinergy. Has anyone had to do this before?
  10. macjmccoy

    Shingling in Preps 6.2

    Correct, just putting the low page at the tail. I didn't think this should remove all of the shingling, but it did.
  11. macjmccoy

    Shingling in Preps 6.2

    So we had a job that was imposed in Preps 6.2 with a 24 page Folding Pattern. We added shingling manually. Everything was just the way we wanted it, but needed to rotate the folding pattern 180 degrees. Once we rotated the folding pattern, all of the manually input shingling was removed and had...
  12. macjmccoy

    Kodak software pricing and service contracts.

    Because of the upcoming Kodak software pricing and prices of the service contracts, is anyone switching to Rampage or other prepress workflows? Also, if you have already switched from Kodak to Rampage, how was the transition?
  13. macjmccoy

    Prepress Tips for Designers

    Please don't design your 3 panel brochure as 2 separate pages on one 30x40 Illustrator document. Thank you, Please drive through.
  14. macjmccoy

    Question about Epson 9890 and Matchprint

    Great! Thanks Stephen, now that I know it doesn't, I have to find out if Matchprint V5 works with Prinergy V4.2. Can anyone here answer that one? I've been trying to get a callback from Kodak for 2 weeks now and haven't gotten a response...
  15. macjmccoy

    Question about Epson 9890 and Matchprint

    Is anyone using an Epson 9890 inkjet printer with Kodak Matchprint V4.2.2? Do I have to upgrade to V5?
  16. macjmccoy

    Mixing different FM screen settings

    We recently switched to using the Agfa Azura TS plates. With our previous plates we could do 20 micron FM screens without any problems. With the new plates, we are experiencing problems (banding) in our black plates only. Has anyone tried combing 20 micron plates, for CMY, and a 25 micron plate...
  17. macjmccoy

    Widget for calculating spine and creep

    Re: Widget for calculating spine and creep What is this "ruler" thing that you speak of? :)
  18. macjmccoy

    OpenType fonts

    Re: OpenType fonts One thing it could be, is that in the Quark preferences, under general, you can turn on and off Use Opentype Kerning. The preferences between the computers could be diffenent and if using Opentype fonts, kerning could be different if one person has it turned on and the other...
  19. macjmccoy

    Backing up Imposed proofs with a HP design jet

    Has anyone had good luck backing up imposed proofs with the HP Design jet series printers without using the Spin jet accessory? We are using an Iris 43 wide for imposed proofs and also an Epson 10600. We do all of our backups manually and it works great for both printers. We were looking into...
  20. macjmccoy

    Using vendors other than Kodak for servicing equipment?

    Re: Using vendors other than Kodak for servicing equipment? We're using Prinergy Connect and Dupont Chromapro to drive our Epson 10600 for color proofing and using an Iris 43 Wide for impo proofing.


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