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    canon ir-adv c5560i huge visible color differences

    Hi! I just come across this problem today, first I printed a vector image from this printer, then I converted the same image into raster image (I tried tif, bitmap, jpeg) leaving color space untouched. The printed light gray content has very large visible color difference. The vector version...
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    Printer color management settings confusion

    Hi ! i wanna calibrate Canon ir adv c5560i printer to g7. The problem I run into is that there are two levels of color management settings that are program level and operating system level. Which one has the most priority? How does the printing data flow? And at which phase the color...
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    Help with creating paper or board

    Correct, but how do you determine this rounding value for any particular paper? For example, the following two paper defined in the database given: 1: Brown008 caliper: 0.008 rounding value: 0.03125 2: KL26 caliper: 0.008 rounding value: 0.015625 These two paper share...
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    Help with creating paper or board

    I am new to Artios Cad. Can anyone explain to me what CRRV (caliper related rounding value) is and how it relates to the paper or board caliper ? I checked with default settings in esko paper/board database for this CRRV value but I dont find out any clue on how this value to be determined. I...


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