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  1. Bill W

    Acrobat Preflight Profile

    The files are here in Drop Box:
  2. Bill W

    Acrobat Preflight Profile

    Apparently the file was too large. I will see if I can reduce the PDF and try to send again.
  3. Bill W

    Acrobat Preflight Profile

    I have attached a zip file with a preflight profile that might fit your needs, and a file to test it.
  4. Bill W

    What Color?

    Reminds me of the Luscious movie
  5. Bill W

    No Budget for Training

    Someone wiser than I once said: "Better train people and risk they leave - than do nothing and risk they stay."
  6. Bill W

    Career Counselling

    Doctor needs a plumber on the weekend. Plumber spends 2 hours un clogging pipes and then hands the doctor a bill for 600 dollars. Doctor says, wow I do not bill that much for my services. Plumber says I know, I used to be a doctor.
  7. Bill W

    Following Guidelines

    In reading the article I find this sentence under face masks that makes me wonder how valid the conclusion of the author is about the non effectiveness of wearing a face mask as a way to protect one for other's germs based on the studies: "Most studies were underpowered because of limited sample...
  8. Bill W

    Color matching between Indigo and offset

    Density only measures ink thickness, not color. Additionally color is effected by substrate color. I would guess that if you measured your solid ink patches using a spectrophotometer you would find out that the same densities printed on your offset press and your indigo are not close in Lab...
  9. Bill W

    Former Koenig & Bauer President Passes Away

    Said by a 95 year old friend of my brother: Old Age: when I wasn't, it was; now that I am, it isn't
  10. Bill W

    Adjusting Color on Press

    Reminds me of the Off Register video, Luscious. Worth watching - here is the youtube link:
  11. Bill W

    New Job Title for Prepress/Wide Format/Digital Press operators

    DCurry, I worked in prepress for over 40 years (used to be called pasteup, camera and platemaking in the old days) before retiring in 2017 and would often say I could not polish a turd, until the boys on Mythbusters did polish one. But I certainly agree that your title of "Turd Polisher" is...
  12. Bill W

    from tif separations to pdf composite

    ..oops, I meant Prinergy...
  13. Bill W

    from tif separations to pdf composite

    This can be done using Illustrator. I have attached a PDF file that was created in Illustrator by placing two identical tiffs created in Pringery, changing color of one to cyan and the other to magenta, and, making the fills overprint. When saved as a PDF file and viewed in print production with...
  14. Bill W

    RGB to CMYK conversion in Pitstop

    Research Actions and Droplets in Photoshop - You ought to be able to automate the conversion in Photoshop.
  15. Bill W

    Crooked Bearer Bars

    I know on the Mark Andy mounter we have there is a parallel relationship between the plate clamp surface and the shaft the cylinder is on. If this relationship is off the plate will be mounted crooked. Could this relationship be off on your mounter? If you flip the plate 180 degrees and mount it...
  16. Bill W

    Crooked Bearer Bars

    What is being used to mount your plates? I have seen two different mounting machines that have caused such problems because they were out of alignment. Usually bad print cylinders point to bad bearings, have someone check the bearings.
  17. Bill W

    Crooked Bearer Bars

    Where are you building the files? Have you checked the bearers in that application before you rip it to insure they are parallel? Can you check the 1 bit tif in a tif viewer to insure the are still parallel? Basic questions so if you have already run through them, I apoligize.
  18. Bill W

    Methodology for New Tooling?

    Your figures quoted using 60 teeth equals a 7.5 repeat as an example, means you are using 1/8" tooling with 8 teeth equaling 1 inch of repeat. If I understand correctly narrow edge leading means you label is 4 inches in the press run direction. Most dies are made with an .125" gap between labels...
  19. Bill W

    The Résumé

    Many years ago with we still stripped film, I wrote what I thought was a very descriptive add for a film stripper to prep film for printing. I received a call from a gentleman that wanted to know if I preferred a man or woman stripper. Still thinking of stripping film for printing I said it did...
  20. Bill W

    Anyone using Pantone Extended Gamut?

    Greetings David I have the latest version of the DFE and have done a few iterations of the PMS colors and have found the "fine tuning" of the PMS color breakdowns is not worth the time it took to do it. The challenge is that each iteration is a one shot view of the press. The change in colors...


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