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    Substrate Storage

    You could use long span shelving, it's generally only 450 or 600mm deep, but you could place two, one in front of the other to create a 1200mm (48") deep rack
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    Komori Lithrone 28 (1999) and CIP3

    PressProfiler is not from Komori, it's a third party supplier. We are currently looking into replacing our Heidelberg Prepress Interface with their solution.
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    Ink Requirements Calculation

    When I did my apprenticeship many decades ago, we learnt the SPANKS formula You should be able to put this into a simple spreadsheet
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    Prinergy 8 and PrintLink
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    Prinergy 8 and PrintLink

    Open up the console and see if there is an RJ45 port, if so, you should be able to connect it to your network and submit files that way. I haven't done this with Komoris, only Heidelberg presses, but I expect the process is similar.
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    offset printing with micro text

    Screen ruling won't make any difference, as far as I can see there are no screened elements. A competent printer should be able to print this with no problems without you needing to do anything special.
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    offset printing with micro text

    Are the logos and text reversed out of the coloured band, or are they separate elements?
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    Prinergy 8 and PrintLink

    Prinergy 8 is well past end of service life, adding Printlink is just a change to your licence but Kodak will not provide any service for products past EOSL. You would therefore need to upgrade to Prinergy 10. The basic structure of CIP3 has not changed much in 25 years so it would most probably...
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    Bleed Edge clipped, to next page.

    We always use Trimbox for impositions, so this hasn't been a problem for us.
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    Bleed Edge clipped, to next page.

    Setting the inside bleed to "0" when setting up the document will eliminate the bleed crossover between facing pages. It doesn't affect us as our imposition program clips the bleed correctly.
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    Vendor Needed Paper Banding Work

    Sounds like a job for a sheltered workshop
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    What settings are you using for Color Input in Fiery?

    An overall tint on the sheet sounds like a rendering intent issue rather than a problem with the ICC Profile If your intent is not set to Perceptual, change it and see if this removed the background tint, which I suspect is the colour management attempting to simulate paper colour.
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    Xpo Error 10094

    Update: The expose was failing because coolant was not getting to the head Swapped around the hoses for the coolant and it works now
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    Xpo Error 10094

    We are in Australia, so not sure if you can support us here. Machine is 2008 Quantum with upgrade to external PC. Xpo version is 2.10.540.014
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    Kodak Lotem Magnus Trendsetter support

    Do you have a solution for this?
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    Xpo Error 10094

    Good luck with that if it's a Magnus 400, they EOL'd them so we're on our own. Machine has run perfectly for over a week, now the same problem has recurred :(
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    Xpo Error 10094

    I got ours running again by restoring the configuration from a backup, this caused some other weird behaviour (cannot prepare drum for loading) so restored current config, this resulted in original issue, restored from old backup again and everything is now working.
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    The best inkjet under $1500 for sharp text printing?

    The way that resolution is defined on inkjet printers is somewhat inconsistent. Take for example the old Scitex Iris, with a stated resolution of 300/600 dpi it produced a print much sharper than anything else available at the time, including the HP5000 with a specified resolution of 1440dpi...
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    Die cutting tolerance between shapes

    We usually allow a minimum of 5mm between cutting rules, but best to ask your die cutting contractor or the die maker as they will have their own tolerances.
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    Is Antivirus Software Still Needed?

    Norton (which used to be a good software company when Peter Norton owned it) and McAfee are the worst for spamming, I have used Sophos since the late 1990s starting with Sophos Mailmonitor for Linux on our mail server, and now using their cloud based solutions. It does it's job efficiently and...


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