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    Need help learning Rampage

    What makes more sense in 2015, going back to college to refresh rudimentary information, or asking a forum community? I have a one year graphic communication degree, from seven years ago, but obviously forgot some stuff. I prefer to consult forums like this than do google searches. The bleed box...
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    Need help learning Rampage

    Okay, here are a couple (probably easy) pitstop questions. What is the difference between overprinting and knocking out? What is the difference between cropbox, artbox, trimbox, and bleed box? More soon I'm sure..
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    Need help learning Rampage

    Training has been going better by the day, but I'm pretty nervous for Preps 5. I like Adobe Acrobat, but they have me learning pitstop, which I'm not too crazy about. Actually, I really hated pitstop at first because I couldn't get certain objects selected without making unwanted selections. Neo...
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    Need help learning Rampage

    I work for a bigger company that primarily manufactures books (offset/big quantities). I have a graphic communications degree and two years experience with basic layout and binding from Fedex Office. I share a prepress office with three other people, who are very helpful when they have time, but...
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    Need help learning Rampage

    Thanks for the vids, I'm surprised I didn't bump into those already. I have the manual, but it's miles above my head at this point. We are running version 12. I'm trying to learn what all the buttons/options do. It's the most commercial program I've ever used. What do you mean by use it...
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    Need help learning Rampage

    I recently started a job (training) with a print company that uses Rampage, and I can't find any instructional resources. This is the first time I've used any Rip software. Is anyone aware of a tutorial website or video of any kind? It's been very intimidating to try and work with, I have...


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