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  1. benstarr

    (Another) RIP question, which for OSX?

    My understanding is it does support the Canon 4100, but you just tell the RIP it's a 4000 (not s)
  2. benstarr

    Can I print from Epson S80600 driver with no rip?

    Without a RIP you cannot print to this printer. Epson only supplies a communication driver. You may be able to use Edge Print but I don't know how the licensing works for that exactly so what came with your F570 may or may not work. In the US this printer does not come with Edge Print it Comes...
  3. benstarr

    Pink? Yep. Pink.

    (n) No need to insert gendered stereotypes into articles
  4. benstarr

    Canon TX-4000 Printhead Line Issue

    I'd run any head alignment or feed adjustments that the printer has available. That should help, or at least it shouldn't hurt.
  5. benstarr

    Canon TX-4000 Printhead Line Issue

    This looks to me more of a feed issue than a printhead issue. Do the lines change on different media or if you select a different print quality? I don't know how to adjust this on a Canon but it would be something to look into, the adjustment is also built into many RIPs.
  6. benstarr

    too much ICC profiles!

    Here are the locations to check...A word or caution is do not delete out of the /System/ folder even thought there are some there something may be relying on those profiles and it could have negative effects. It's actually probably a good idea to keep them somewhere instead of trashing them just...
  7. benstarr

    Find Fiery XF password?

    on older systems it was admin
  8. benstarr

    Epson Surecolor P7000 FieryXF

    What do you need to do? That's a pretty common set up, so finding someone shouldn't be too hard.
  9. benstarr

    Wide format RIP suggestions for home use?

    Very good point. This is an option for low volume, although I find the driver frustrating when printing on a roll.
  10. benstarr

    Wide format RIP suggestions for home use?

    What is the primary use of this RIP? I'm assuming Photo since it's home use but you know what they say about assumptions. Upgrading Fiery XF is a decent option, price wise I think you might be looking more like $1,900 now. The other consideration is the server portion of Fiery XF 7.x is that it...
  11. benstarr

    Designjet printers incompatible with

    Which models are they?
  12. benstarr

    Pantone: + or not?

    The newer values can be added through the Pantone Connect Extension, or the deprecated Pantone Color Manager. I an not positive but I think the ones that Adobe includes are Pantone Plus v2.
  13. benstarr

    Pantone: + or not?

    The colors you are looking at are Pantone Coated v4, which is the next edition after Pantone+ v3. They added the Plus to the name in in 2010 and removed it in 2019. With each new edition of the library some colors get tweaked slightly. The colors you are looking at in the example are the same...
  14. benstarr

    Has Covid killed the business card?

    Thanks for looking that up. The numbers didn't look right to me
  15. benstarr

    GMG Colorproof is slow

    This information is incorrect. There is a relationship between GMG and Aurelon, the makers or ProofMaster and PrintFactory, but Aurelon did not develop ColorProof or any other current GMG software. I'm not an expert on the corporate history but want to correct this statement. ProofMaster is a...
  16. benstarr


    I used and really liked a similar Essick Air/Aircare humidifier. I actually thought having the bottles to fill was helpful. A very important thing to have is a humidistat on the humidifier, so you can set the RH level and it will maintain the humidity. Also run it over night so you maintain a...
  17. benstarr

    Possible new proofing wide format printer

    I would have to disagree with this. The 9880 is 10+ years old and not supported any longer, they are somewhat easy to repair but you're going to run into issues with any printer that old. One issue you will run into soon is the availability of inks, OEM inks will no longer be available for that...
  18. benstarr

    "white base: absolute" ?

    This was my thought as well. I think it is referring to the backer. Although perhaps the best way to get the answer is to go back to the client. You could say that you are assuming that means it is to be measured over a backing of the same color as the press sheet, but since you have not seen...
  19. benstarr

    X-Rite Eye-One iSis Question

    It's the same on 3.2 so I must be mis remembering. I guess you need two measurements for M0
  20. benstarr

    X-Rite Eye-One iSis Question

    There isn't a way to change the behavior. Although for some reason I thought M0 was single scan and dual was required for M2 like on the i1 Pro 2. What version of i1 Profiler are you using? I wonder if this got switched in the software at some point or if I'm just remembering incorrectly.


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