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  1. Schnicklefritz

    Opinions on the Witton 68E paper cutter

    My company's Challenge 305 cutter died a few months ago. It's too old to restore effectively, so we are in the market for a new one. Has anyone used a Witton 68E hydraulic paper cutter? Any other Witton cutter? We'd just like to hear about any experiences, pros and cons before we purchase...
  2. Schnicklefritz

    Canon VarioPrint Speed

    The Varioprint 140 we use prints letter, legal and tabloid sizes at a very good ppm rate. The Varioprint 6320 is even faster, as it prints both sides simultaneously on duplex jobs.
  3. Schnicklefritz

    Discontinuing Blazer???

    Just got off the phone with our paper vendor. The choice to replace Blazer was between Titan and Flo Digital. We're all digital here. I've chose to go with Flo Digital initially with a guarantee or your money back deal. We're already running Titan 100# Gloss cover and text, which is good paper...
  4. Schnicklefritz

    Numbering Multiple Pages With The Same Page Number

    I was about to propose another solution in FusionPro, the variable data plug-in I use, but then realized your 1095-C must already be pre-merged with earnings data for each individual. That calls for another solution. :unsure: Good luck!
  5. Schnicklefritz

    C258 - Faded print on one side of 12x18 inches art card

    Over here I operate a KM1100 and see the same problem every couple of months. The technician usually tries the cleaning approach as your's did, but there could be two other reasons for the fading. When the developer is due to be changed you may see that kind of fading, or if the corona isn't...
  6. Schnicklefritz

    Return Address Labels

    If the demand is there for printing return address labels, do it! It's so easy for digital printers - no variable data, you can go 30+ up on letter size, and the ink coverage is light. Just create a reliable template and make sure the paper weight settings on your Canon are correct.
  7. Schnicklefritz

    Do I need Indesign?

    Well, you can subscribe to InDesign from Adobe for $21/month on the Cloud. InDesign will give you abilities to do much more than create simple book covers and you'll be able to open and edit customer files. But in your case you might opt to buy Microsoft Word 365 ($70), MS Publisher ($90) or...
  8. Schnicklefritz

    Debug bugaboo

    You're right. My OS is Windows 10 and am using Photoshop 21.2. The files are saved at 300 dpi.
  9. Schnicklefritz

    Debug bugaboo

    Yes. They are appearing in the same folder as the saved Photoshop file. Since I often need to save pdfs as bmp files for inkjetting return addresses for #10s, the debug file follows along.
  10. Schnicklefritz

    Debug bugaboo

    For the past few weeks I've noticed small text files appearing in job folders with the filename "debug". Turns out this file is generated when saving files out of Photoshop CC (latest updated). According to Adobe Support Community it is a glitch that's being investigated by their engineering...
  11. Schnicklefritz

    anyone have a KM Accurio C6085?

    Our KM Bizhub Press C1100 is about 6 years old now. I think the Accurio C6085 might be KM's replacement for it. The color is fairly consistent for auto-calibration but has a slight red cast to blue solids. The back-up registration needs adjustment in properties, but the numbers are always the...
  12. Schnicklefritz

    Suspect printing

    At least the printer is on your side. It seems like some kind of sadistic joke to run out of paper with a single sheet left to print and you are forced to make that long, resentful trip to the back of the warehouse to get more. ☹ But your printer doesn't have a soul . . . or does it? 😮
  13. Schnicklefritz

    Adobe Alternative?

    Affinity applications are yours when you buy them. They're not cloud based. Gotta like that!
  14. Schnicklefritz

    Dealing with a pandemic

    At our print/mailhouse here in Portland, we are still basically on a full shift. From the beginning we have been considered essential because we handle prescription drugs and medical devices in the course of processing mail. We are masked up and keeping our distance and certain employees have...
  15. Schnicklefritz

    Some Jobs

    And hopefully "No Smoking Aloud" is just some kooky play on words. :rolleyes:
  16. Schnicklefritz

    Ricoh killed my service contract during covid-19 now looking for advice on black and white machines.

    Our large black and white jobs go on the Oce Varioprint 6320. We've had it for about 5 years now and we like it's speed, thanks to it's perfecting ability, and low down time. Also not a glutton on consumables. It was purchased through Pacific Office Automation and is under service contract with...
  17. Schnicklefritz

    Challenge 305 MB cutter

    We've got the same problem since Challenge won't support such an old model. Never had the knife slow down like that, but it seems like a hydraulic issue. We were lucky enough to find a cutter service tech around here who has the know-how to do the repairs and connections to get the parts. When...
  18. Schnicklefritz

    A couple of questions for US forum members

    I myself have pretty strong political opinions formed over the years. I love to debate these things in the proper environment but I thought PrintPlanet was meant to be just a place to address the issues in our industry. Anyway, political differences can get overly emotional and personally, I...
  19. Schnicklefritz

    A couple of questions for US forum members

    Gee, I guess I was under the mistaken impression that this was a printing forum...🤨
  20. Schnicklefritz

    Can You Get Coronavirus From the Mail?

    At our direct mail facility 2 employees out of 50 have stayed at home because of coughing but the rest show no signs of virus. Time will tell on this question.


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