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    Fogra 51 and 52 profiles do not match ISO 12647 !

    Hi to all . I am a bit suprise about this , because i tought they should match , but no . If i compare the PSO 120647-2 to the icc profile PSOCoatedV3.icc we get this . Where the ISO 12647-2_2013 have this values , this dE are not so high , but on color proofers or color reports we will get...
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    GMG color certificate on Epson SC-P5000 Spectro

    Another License !! Its a bit strange because i can the paper calibration using the internal spectrometer and to print the certificate i need one extra license ! This dont make sense , but should be one way to get it , because i can see the proofer doing the measuring of the UGRA target...
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    GMG color certificate on Epson SC-P5000 Spectro

    Hi . I change my Epson from SC-P5000 to SC-P5000 buy now he have the internal Spectrometer . All the GMG software is working like before , but i would like to have the certificate printed on the proofed job , is this possible ? Do i need any special license to get this printed on the sheet...
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    TIFF 1 Bit Import

    Hi to all Based on the following options from one Apogee workflow, is there any one that could confirm if it can import tiff 1 bit files . Here the full list from the licenses License Version Expiration Licenses Type Value Used DISPLAY 1.0...
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    PDF to ppf converter

    Hi Is there any simple software that could convert one imposed PDF in ppf, CIP3 format ? All the best masterpc
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    GMG and HP Z9 44"

    Hi , Can please anyone confirm if the HP Z9 Postscript 44" is compatible with GMG latest version ?
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    Color Measure software

    Hi . Is there anyway to configure this software MeasureColor | Improving color consistency, built upon your inspiration color measure to export the data in It8 format ? I need this to correct the dot gain curves on Heidelberg Calibration Manager . I tested with all the export options from...
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    GoInk software

    Hello to al . where i can find some information regarding this software for ink presetting the one press . GoInk, and i also a small PC, with SDCard on it, 1 port Rj45 and one USB port . this came with a used press machine . Where i can get some installation manuals ? Best Regards Masterpc
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    Metashooter 3.x ,connection to CTP Agfa Acento II S

    And did you change any firmware on the cTP side ? Still with the original one ? I also have the pif board , i will try out . Thanks
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    Metashooter 3.x ,connection to CTP Agfa Acento II S

    Hi , Is there anyone who did the test to connect this Agfa CTP,PTR4300 S to one Metashooter using the PIF board? All the connections are the same like the Topsetter 74 . Anyone who make it running ?
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    Prinect Meta Dimension 3.5 - Query

    Contact Heidelberg France, its one click more to solve this easy problem , one click more or less make all the diference. Why do you all keep working with freelancer, where badly know all the power of this Heidelberg workflow ...fckkkkers
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    Here are the pitures , is there anyway to use a Pif Board to conneted this machine ? If yes its more easy 4 me .
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    Yes it must be because the actual Apogee is direct conneted using only a network cable , no Pif Board !!!
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    I havent ask so far , looking 4 other alternatives .
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    no its a direct connection from the apogee to the CTP .and the avalon N4 interface its a network connection . Do i need any interface box . Do you have any experience about this machine to be connected for example to a rasterblaster 4 ? I ask for the license option and its expensive so i need...
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    Here are my options , i dont see nothing with that name here . Is there is a diferent name for this ? c. List all server Licenses d. Generate fingerprint file e. Generate blank fingerprint file f. Clean up all temp and log files q. quit Enter your choice: License...
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    Hi Enierad, where i can check if i have this option enable , can you tell me ?
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    Apogge, tiff 1 Bit Files

    Hi to All . I have one Apogee 8 connect with Agfa Avalon N4, and would like to send Tiff ! bit files to the CTP , is there anyway to do it ? Another question, this CTP have a network interface, the date is send via a rj45 cable, what i need to do to change the IP Address at the server and on...
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    Agfa Apogee 8, ppf option

    Hello to all, How can i see if my Apogee 8 Rip have the option ppf/cip3 option enable? Where i can check this ? Regards Masterpc
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    Heidelberg Job Memory Card Omnidrive

    I have to sell one Omnidrive and two job memory card include , never used all new . 4 the best price


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