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    Color really is an illusion

    Wow this was an absolutely interesting thread- and the beginning itself to think of colors as illusion/ construction pulled me right into the conversation. Thanks Alan for demo-ing it! Also amusingly reminded of a color-related word problem that was all the rage in my child's high school abt...
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    Happy Diwali !

    What an energetic dance!! I had read in some of the immigration studies about the strong Punjabi immigration to Canada and other parts of North America. (See chapter 5.5 Sociology)
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    Has Covid killed the business card?

    The idea of QR card on a business card definitely is very fascinating as far as ideas go.
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    Paper straws?

    The biggest criticism i have heard regarding paper straws is about how this is an example of placing the responsibility for environmental crisis squarely on individuals while it is larger complexes of industries and capitalistic ventures that is to be blamed the most. I have been esp watching...
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    Ocean trash transformed into Art

    wow this is such an example of mindful solutions!! the art is hella cool!
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    Just a thought

    Recycling at home is easier said than done. The thing is that over 95% of social media environmentalist are just keyboard warriors. While one can try reducing carbon footprint and all, but in the long run, when one is shrouded by stress and anxiety with day-to-day drama of life, saving the...
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    What Were / Are Better Times?

    Damn it's been so long since I held a pen lol. Though I am nostalgic about the times when lives were simpler and we used what we got "between our ears", life right now is not so bad. All thanks to the internet!


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