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    ABDICK 9985/Ryobi 3302 crazy blanket scum

    Yep, I'll DM it to you.
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    ABDICK 9985/Ryobi 3302 crazy blanket scum

    Here's a scan of what the service manual has. It's that small screw close to the adjustment for the pressure to the plate. I do have the rest of the service manual (for ryobi 3302M) if needed. I've found the same thing as chriscozi mentioned, it's very sensitive to having the correct pressure...
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    Xante Ilumina Registration

    I never found a good solution, but what they have in this youtube video did help a little. I could get the colors in register for a while but by the end of a box of envelopes it was usually off again. I don't have the machine any more so I can't remember exactly how to get to it, but somewhere...
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    Raffle Ticket Books stapling

    Our process is about the same. I'm not sure if there's an alternative to dividing the books by hand, but yeah even a tabletop electric stapler would make the stapling part easier. We use an interlake s3a stitcher, before that we had an interlake model A that was smaller and worked fine for...
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    Versant 280 NCR Registration

    We had a similar issue with cover weight, putting the skew adjustment levers in the tray back to 0 fixed it for us. Was off randomly like that, might be worth a shot.
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    2 part question about Challenge 20 Cutter and MicroCut Jr

    We just had a used microcut installed on our challenge 305 last month. It was installed by the guy we bought it from, it did take a bit of modification. The biggest thing seemed to be where to attach the motor to let it turn that rod/screw that moves the back guage. A belt had to go from the...
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    Gloss Paper is GONE...

    We haven't been able to get anything glossy since last november
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    Xerox yellow toner.

    Yellow and black have been the longest waits for me. We've had quite a bit of downtime the last few months because of the supplies.
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    How have you guys handled being down for an extended period of time? We can't get drums in fast enough for our v180. It took quite a bit of effort for us to get the last batch in, after putting them in the machine last week 3 went bad right away. Also waiting on a BTR.
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    Pricing Question

    $149 for us printing offset Printing - $72 NCR - $72 Padding - $5 Edit: I'd be interested to know if what we're paying for ncr paper is high or not. Our supplier has had quite a few increases.
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    Looking to buy a Duplo 616 Pro (used)

    We use barcodes on our 618, it has a setting to only read them on the first sheet. We usually print on 13x19 and have the space.
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    Toner / colordrum issue xerox versant

    Our local rep has also been a big help getting backorders released. We're still having trouble getting black in though. We have a couple yellows on the shelf but that backorder isn't shipping either. Down to about 25% left in our one black toner left in the machine.
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    Versant 180 Envelope Color Nightmare

    That's the right place to change it. I usually use the tab where it says select sample number because it seems simpler to me with only 15 values. It won't let you print a sample but you can still set the number. If a positive number doesn't work trying negative one sometimes does (on 80# cover...
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    Paper Shortage?

    Quite a bit worse for us. Anything glossy is out of stock with only guesses to when we might get it. Envelopes have long waits too.
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    Magnetic Material on Nexpress

    We have a versant 180 and it worked just as well on our c75 before that. I can't remember it every really jamming or getting caught up inside the machine. We do put a small stack of regular paper underneath them in the feed tray just so those last sheets don't stick to the bottom of the feeder...
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    Magnetic Material on Nexpress

    We use MagneCote from Nekoosa. There is a digital version we use but I don't see it on their website. It runs through already magnetized but we haven't had any issues on our versant.
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    Does the Duplo require special software when printing?

    We've had it around a month now. Yep, we got the cross perf module for perforating so we can perf, crease and slit.
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    Does the Duplo require special software when printing?

    We have a 618, I believe it runs mostly the same except for speed. Barcodes are mainly a time saver, all jobs are stored and recalled on the duplo. If you have a barcode you can just press the start button and it will automatically switch to that job you already had set up instead of looking...
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    Any experience with Versant 180 booklet maker staple refills?

    We've been trying to use refills from bopstaples but have had trouble with the staples jamming after we install them. It could be something I'm doing when I replace the cartridge, I've tried reaching out to the company but they basically told me nobody else has trouble with them. Does anyone...
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    Ink Hanging

    This video is made by Xante support and shows where you can have the machine adjust registration. I have the same issue and this fixes it at first, but it never seems to last long.


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