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  1. prepressdork

    export imp to jdf Post-Pres

    Here you go:
  2. prepressdork

    export imp to jdf Post-Pres

    Without doing anything at all in CompuCut other than opening the JDF file, this is what I get. Best regards, pd
  3. prepressdork

    export imp to jdf Post-Pres

    I have CompuCut. Can you post the JDF file? Thanks, pd
  4. prepressdork

    Apogee 12 anyone else running this version?

    I am on version 11 and would like to hear about the bugs you have encountered in version 12. Thank you, pd
  5. prepressdork

    Adobe Ending Support For Type 1 Fonts...

    Hi all, I thought this was worth mentioning (forgive me if this has already been posted on here). Best regards, pd
  6. prepressdork

    Heidelberg Prepress Interface Parallel port dongle problem

    Hi Magnus, How is the humidity where the Prepress Interface PC is? I used to have PI with a parallel dongle and had the same issue you described periodically. Sometimes removing the dongle, placing in the palm of your hand, and closing your fingers around it (making a fist) for several minutes...
  7. prepressdork

    Alternative to high resolution imagesetting

    Is purchasing a platesetter an option? If so, there are plate options that don't require post-image processing. Your press would ultimately remove the non-image areas of the plate. pd
  8. prepressdork

    looking for inksave software for supplied PDF file for offset printing

    Alwan is good software but as mentioned, it's not inexpensive. pd
  9. prepressdork

    Batch printing software

    Not sure if Mac software is an option but maybe this would suit your needs? Best regards, pd
  10. prepressdork

    lp 82 ultra

    Hi Adnan, As that sort of info is usually reserved for service technicians only, your best bet would be to contact your local Agfa service center. Best regards, pd
  11. prepressdork

    Numbering Multiple Pages With The Same Page Number

    If you have InDesign, you might be able to use InDesign's Data Merge function. Your InDesign file would be 6 pages with a variable field containing the sequence number placed in the same position on all 6 pages. In your spreadsheet data source, each row would have the sequence number. Then...
  12. prepressdork

    Split Spreads into Single Pages?

    Not sure if you have Pitstop, but there is a global change or action list (can't remember which) that will split a page in half. pd
  13. prepressdork

    Turn off borderless printing as default for Epson P9000 on a Mac

    You're quite welcome. I'm sorry it didn't work out. I assume you have already tried contacting Epson? pd
  14. prepressdork

    Turn off borderless printing as default for Epson P9000 on a Mac

    Hi ART INK, I assume the Epson is installed like any normal Mac printer, meaning it is listed in the "Printers & Scanners" System Preference? If so, you may be able to disable this feature via the CUPS Administrator. CUPS can be accessed via your web browser by going to Click the...
  15. prepressdork

    Database label software

    Although I do not know how much it costs or its system requirements, another software that might be worth a look see is Bartender: pd
  16. prepressdork

    Database label software

    Good point. Sadly, InDesign does not have the ability to compose to a PPML or VDX file that I am aware of. If it did, I believe that would help solve the issue you mention. pd
  17. prepressdork

    Database label software

    I wonder if perhaps you could use InDesign's Data Merge function? Regarding barcodes, many (linear) barcode symbologies tend to be nothing more than a font which you may be able to find online. pd
  18. prepressdork

    Remote Prepress

    Hi all, With many companies having employees work from home, bossman asked me if from home if it should become necessary . I was wondering if anyone else on here has looked into this and/or gone down this route at all? If so, what sorts of hurdles did you encounter? How...
  19. prepressdork

    Apogee vs Prinect

    I am a long time Apogee user and have only used the Pressroom Manager portion of Prinect. I can provide you my thoughts on Apogee if you wish? pd


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