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    PM 46 air pressure error

    I had a very similar issue about two years ago. I think ours ended up being on the non operator side there are a bunch of small air hoses near the top that actuate the rollers. Take that panel off and see if you can feel any air leaking over there. Also check that you are not leaking anything...
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    Mylar tabs on Ricoh 9200 /7200

    Yes, they are docucopy with the trilar coating. I did try adjusting the trailing edge transfer, didn't help. When they work the copy is razor sharp and fusing well, but a fair number of them have major flaws that make the set un sellable. It seems like an issue in toner transfer to the sheet...
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    Mylar tabs on Ricoh 9200 /7200

    Is anyone able to print on Mylar tabs on their Ricoh 9200 or 7200? We can get them to feed fine but the type looks terrible on 15-20% of them towards the edge of the tab, bleeding Flaws that move around, not in the same tab every time. Using the trilar tab profile imported from the library. We...
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    Lamination cleaning rollers and Ezy taper any good?

    For the hot lam get an adhesive eraser xyron makes a cheap one and a lot is elbow grease will clean it right up. Let it warm up a little but not hot will also help. A rag and solvent also does it but a lot more work.
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    Mitsubishi SDP-Eco163IIIR Platesetter

    I have one, works great, very few problems. WAY better than trying to do those laser plates, especially if you need good looking screens or longer runs.
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    Challenge drill press issue

    Make sure the hollow center of the drill is clear, if not clean it out with a nail and also replace the round wood block you drill into. If all else fails put a few pieces of chip board under your job.
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    3rd party Ricoh 9200

    Has anyone purchased a Ricoh from cbe or impact in Los angles? I like the product but am weary of their service claims vs Ricoh direct.
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    Ricoh 7200 Keeps Hesitating...

    I had the exact same issue with an older xerox docucolor, it ended up being a patch was needed for the fiery. It took forever for them to diagnose, and if they ever reset the software I needed to go back an apply that patch. Try bugging phone support until they get you to Someone higher up.
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    rasterize pdf in pitstop 2017

    Thanks! yes, obvious now, but I didn't know what it was called.
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    rasterize pdf in pitstop 2017

    Am I able to rasterize a pdf in pitstop 2017? I don't see it anywhere. I frequently have large pdfs with lots of powerpoint slides that crash in the rip if I don't rasterize the problem pages in acrobat or photoshop and bring them back in.
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    Pitstop 13 - duplicate page

    Thank you so much! That was exactly what I was looking for. Worked like a charm.
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    Pitstop 13 - duplicate page

    I have a similar problem. I have a 164 unique page document, I need to duplicate each page. so it goes 1,1,2,2,3,3, etc. is there a way to do that in pitstop 2017?
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    Hot Melt Adhesive For Horizon BQ 270

    Can anyone recommend a vendor for horizon hm-221 glue? I can't seem to find it anywhere
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    Manual for Horizon MC-80 booklet maker

    Does anyone have the manual (and or service manual) for for a Horizon MC-80 booklet maker. I just picked one up and of course I have nothing to go by.
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    opinion on a mitsubishi eco 1630 rip

    I am looking at purchasing a used mitsubishi eco 1630, the actual unit is in good shape, but the rip is ancient, Harlequin 5.1 running on a windows NT box. I am very leery about bringing in such an old operating system into our work flow. We would be printing from macs OS 10.5. Does anyone...
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    Weird scumming problems

    I had almost the exact same problem recently, I'm pretty sure it was a bad batch of plates, try a fresh box see if that helps. The weird thing with ours was that those dots (look like cotton fibers) would pop up really bad on some jobs not at all on others. Go figure...
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    Mitsubishi Eco 1630 Type II v type III

    Thanks Bill! that's exactly what I needed to know
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    Mitsubishi Eco 1630 Type II v type III

    I am looking at possibly getting a used Mitsubishi Eco 1630, does anyone have an opinion if it is worth paying more to get a type III (7.0 rip) vs an older type II? We would mostly use it for fairly easy 1 or 2 color work on a Quickmaster 46-2 and ab dick 9810. ~ 30 plates/week.
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    Baumfolder 30.5 Cutter Problem

    Sounds like the solonoid that releases the pin that locks the knife in the up position. See if you can get it to move manually. That would be my first guess.
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    Need a new scoring and perf machine, any suggestion

    We have an EZ creaser as well, works good.


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