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  1. xmoles

    export imp to jdf Post-Pres

    Well ,,, please you can check this jdf
  2. xmoles

    export imp to jdf Post-Pres

    Thank you
  3. xmoles

    export imp to jdf Post-Pres

    Good morning Can you help me with a question ? I am exporting to jdf post pres from my imposition file so that the compucut of the gullotina polar 115 plus interprets it the question is that it seems that the cut blocks do not appear (the technicians tell me) however when I edit the jdf I do...
  4. xmoles

    Font-Specific Trap Error

    Welcome to the fantastic and magical world of typography
  5. xmoles


    Hello After the appearance of the new colour profiles 51 and 52 L Does anyone know when the gloss and matt laminate simulation profiles replacing the 49 and 50 L will be updated? I understand that you will have to update <thank you>
  6. xmoles

    imposition sof

    Hello i would like to hear opinions about impostrip in large production processes Is it possible to automate the creation of impositions 100%? What input formats are supported? What output formats? Is it template-based? Can all types of barcodes be created for binding control? For the...
  7. xmoles

    Corona virus impacts spelling checkers!

    Please be careful with the covid19 It's very mortifying, here in Spain there are many people who have died take protective measures, such as masks, gloves, and distance, and leave the house as little as possible
  8. xmoles

    Ring AM screening?

    Agfa markets the latest screening technology called spiral
  9. xmoles

    Matt Beals

    I,m sorry Matt rest in peace
  10. xmoles

    Esko Powertrapper

    Hi Can you load pdf file? Can you check what is the best option in the configuration powertrapp?
  11. xmoles

    Printing Fogra47 on 52 papers

    Hi You can download icc profile PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52) Good luck
  12. xmoles

    Online Proof Software

    Hello ABC PDF Review Module Is it possible to integrate for sample workflow to the automation engine? I don't have a switch Thank you
  13. xmoles

    Color Management Fundamentals

    Hello It's important, you can work under a colour standard with her tolerance.
  14. xmoles

    ink pigment

    Hi Yes, offset printing process, round dot to 175 lpi I have doubts about the substrate,,, maybe
  15. xmoles

    ink pigment

    Hi Somebody, know Why? Magenta is out to the range Is it a problem relative of Ink ? or Is it a problem the machine? Thank you
  16. xmoles

    Color management after PP laminating Usage in practice (surface finisher) Colour changes during lamination depend only on the materials. Glossy films are very similar, but matte films can have quite different values ofhaze / opacity. The average matte film given by FOGRA49 leads to a lightness increase of ∆L* = 6 in...
  17. xmoles

    ae versus enfocus

    Hello everybody I'm thinking add preflight in my ftp What is different between ae and pitstop server thank you
  18. xmoles

    Ink Densities on the Printing Machine

    Hello It's depents if you can check correct LAB
  19. xmoles

    Customers without 5k lighting

    Of course , too the weather is cloudy
  20. xmoles

    Customers without 5k lighting

    Hello I usually to see the color proof under the sun at 12 pm it's the best standartd light Agree?


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