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    Profiling CMYK + 6 inks

    For your specific situation, under macos, you should have no need to fill in LAB values in i1profiler. You should be choosing RGB. If you were using a RIP where you were using i1profiler to provide the icc profile, and you were working with a printer with extended gamut inks like orange, red...
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    Profiling CMYK + 6 inks

    This is actually 5 color- Y, M/PM(PM is like LM)C/PC(PC is like LC), PBk(photo black), MBk(matt black), Gy(Gy is like LK(light black)) You choose one of MBk or PBk as part of a media type selection for K(black), and Gy is essentially an LK(light black). R(red) is the only other full tone ink...
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    Why arent any of the latest Benq Displays on this list of Gracol Certified Displays ?

    Looks like it should be based on Adobe 99% and GRACOL 2006. You do need to make sure that you can do a good monitor profile with a color measurement device and profiling software.
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    Why arent any of the latest Benq Displays on this list of Gracol Certified Displays ?

    From another point of view, the GRACOL 2006 icc profile, when viewed in Colorthink Pro against in my case a profile for my NEC PA301, is essentially within the gamut area encompassed by the icc profile for my monitor, with a couple miniscule pieces outside. I would be willing to bet that if you...
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    Independent Test Reveals Canon Colorado 1650 a Standout

    With regard to one aspect of this report- the discussion of Pantone spot color performance is in some ways not very meaningful because a CMYK inkset is inherently limiting in reproducing many Pantone colors with less than 3 DE2000 difference. Also, the report mentioned only in-RIP human...
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    Possible new proofing wide format printer

    Inks for the 9880 remain available from, a long time 3rd party supplier of Epson printer inks as they were the inheritors of Lyson.
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    Pantone Color of the Year-2020: PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

    I don't know about a mixing formula, but I do know that Pantone Color Manager can export a CGATS file of all the L*a*b* numbers for all the colors in the fashion TCX deck. The L*a*b* number should be the most accurate measurement, under the available D50 or D65 illumination choices.
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    PANTONE worldwide colors differences

    Are the LAB values exportable from Pantone Color Manager considered authentic and correct?
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    Install New PANTONE Colors in Illustrator or InDesign

    If you already own an Xrite spectrophotometer(i1pro, for example), Pantone Color Manager will operate at no additional charge.
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    Eco-Solvent vs Latex vs Aqueous Canvas Printing

    Is the Fuji Vivid Canvas suited for long-term color reliability given optical brightening agents(whiteness of 108.8) and no protective topcoating?
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    Best Wide Format printer at 60+ Inches for Fine Art Photography?

    Is the reason a solvent printer is not considered appropriate for fine art printing because they typically do not offer inksets like CcMmYKkOG? I have seen 3rd party ink providers who provide CcMmYKOG ecosolvent inks. Or are there other reasons?
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    7-Color Process

    Regarding expiration of Pantone Color Manager:
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    Pantone Colour Manager Expired

    This information comes from Pantone tech support- To correct this issue you need to do the following: MAC users: 1. Go to Macintosh HD/Users/(username)/ Library* /Application Support/PANTONE/PantoneColorManager 2. From the above location, delete the 'PantoneLIVE' folder 3. Restart...
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    PosterPrint question..

    Actually, Posterprint can directly import the Illustrator file.
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    PosterPrint question..

    When you opened it in photoshop, and then saved it out- what format did you save it in, and did you assign a profile to that file?


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