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    Need driver of Creo Scitex LP 2000 Beida card

    This card was manufactured by Scitex. It is incompatible with the Xitron Navigator RIP.
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    RAMPAGE The Last Version

    What's the Platesetter model? Could be that Xitron's Raster Blaster can drive it taking one-bit TIFFs from the Rampage.
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    Looking for some help - Palladio II using Xitron Navigator PCI card

    Hi, I sent you a private message. Let me know your thoughts. Bret
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    Looking for some help - Palladio II using Xitron Navigator PCI card

    Hello, I can help you but it will be easier to talk about on the phone. If you want to give me a call on Monday I'll be happy to chat. Bret farrah 734-794-1334
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    Anyone going to Infoflex 2018 in Indianapolis?

    Hi Gordo, Guess I'll finally get to meet you in person.
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    Print Console on another workstation

    Xitron has a new USB-SCSI interface with 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 and Windows 10. Maybe a Xitron dealer could help determine the compatibility?
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    Navigator looks like window 98

    Hi Mark, As Shenkadere mentioned, the actual Harlequin portion has not changed in a very long time. However, if you add the Xitron workflow into the mix, the Harlequin interface simply becomes a configuration tool and you rarely have to work with it beyond setup. Plus, the workflow gives you...
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    Looking for RIP recommendations

    Nice to see the Xitron Navigator recommendations. We try hard to get people the functionality they need without over-burdening their budgets. Thank you Peter and Shenkadere for chiming in. Pacart, we do drive the Screen imagesetters directly and we'll be happy to help you with any questions or a...
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    EQUIOS vs Xmf

    Alternatively, you could check out Xitron's Sierra. Same functionality as XMF and RealPro but typically less expensive with three years of support and upgrades included.
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    Prinergy Replacement

    Xitron's Navigator workflow drives the Trendsetter quite nicely and it's comparatively inexpensive. Go to and they can point you to a dealer.
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    Set up TCP IP Access on Highwater Torrent RIP

    TIP From Xitron TIP From Xitron Serenak, I've attached a document that should help. We published this information a few years ago in anticipation of AppleTalk going away. Bret
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    General Xitron Questions

    Re: General Xitron Questions Hello Guru, Thanks for the perspective. I certainly understand the issue you face with regard to the time difference since Ann Arbor is in the Eastern Time Zone. Feel free to give me a call at your convenience and we can discuss some possibilities that might be...
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    General Xitron Questions

    Re: General Xitron Questions Hi All, To answer your question directly, I got absolutely zero feedback on the idea. That is, until now. This is the first time since that posting that it's been discussed. Let me hear your thoughts, please! Bret
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    General Xitron Questions

    Re: General Xitron Questions Folks, I think it's great that there is a place to post thoughts and commentary, as well as questions that allow users to offer help and advice. We put a forum together for our dealers a couple years ago with exactly that purpose in mind. Unfortunately, it didn't...


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