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  1. helloWorld

    KM1 and Variable Data Files

    Great idea! In the meantime, here are a few interesting demo's on YouTube that may help: Variable Braille & Text Demo Variable Labels on Web w/ Barcodes & Text + Dynamic Ganging Scripting with Dynamic Marks :)
  2. helloWorld

    EFI Impose/Compose...

    Forgot to upload this demo video knocking out 5x7's cut & stack dynamically using tilia Phoenix. Check it out! Dutch Cut YouTube Video
  3. helloWorld

    EFI Impose/Compose...

    Anytime 👊 -- glad I could help! Sending you a direct message -- you can also shoot an email to [email protected]
  4. helloWorld

    EFI Impose/Compose...

    No, we focus on imposition, nesting, and planning. You should check out Motionanalysis — they have a nice app that lets you design boxes parametrically on MacOS & Windows.
  5. helloWorld

    Best Solution for building Automation

    For imposition —> check out Tilia Labs product, tilia Phoenix. Lights-out automation for dynamic ganging and imposition. 🚀
  6. helloWorld

    EFI Impose/Compose...

    Check out Tilia Labs product, tilia Phoenix, we have developed the smartest imposition solution for dynamic n-up ganging 👌
  7. helloWorld

    KM1 and Variable Data Files

    You should check out Tilia Labs product tilia Phoenix — imposition and dynamic vdp built right in! 🚀
  8. helloWorld

    Looking for advise on best imposition software for packaging.

    By far the best imposition solution for packaging is Tilia Labs product tilia Phoenix. Dynamic CAD-based ganging and nesting 👌. I am of course a bit bias, but you should definitely check out the website and let me know if you have questions -
  9. helloWorld

    KM1 Inkjet Imposition

    Check out Tilia Labs ( imposition product — tilia Phoenix. We have had many customers who have recently purchased KM1’s move to our product to dynamically gang and optimize the larger sheet of the KM1 without needing to build imposition templates for every job 🙌.
  10. helloWorld

    Sequential number and sequential barcode software

    Have a look at Tilia Labs (tilia Phoenix) software for creating dynamic barcodes/text and generating each variable ‘print frame’ based on existing dies for labels. You can easily generate sequential numbers or drive the dynamic text from a spreadsheet and drag a d drop the spreadsheet into the...
  11. helloWorld

    Cost-efficient workflow for packaging imposing/nesting

    Check out tilia Phoenix for all print imposition (CAD-based, books, labels, nesting, planning) from Tilia Labs: CAD Workflow: ImpositionAI Explained:
  12. helloWorld

    Barcode Software

    What imposition solution are you using? In most cases, the software which is creating the imposition layouts will be responsible for barcoding the printed sheet to track the job as the job progresses through print/lamination/finishing/etc... In full disclosure, I work for Tilia Labs and we...
  13. helloWorld

    Metrix 2013 user - other options?

    [Disclaimer: I work at Tilia Labs] Have you checked out the planning and imposition product tilia Phoenix by Tilia Labs ( Tilia Phoenix will handle all of your offset flat and folded imposition work. Further, Tilia Phoenix works as a stand-alone product exporting JDF...
  14. helloWorld

    Home Printers for printing onto small boxes?

    Check out Packlane. Online short run packaging:
  15. helloWorld

    Stepped Images not having identical dot structures (follow-up on another forum)

    @SteveSuffRIT What are you using to step your file? There are two options inside of Plato (and I think somewhere in Automation Engine if you are using AE to step). Make sure you check the option 'Reset for each external file' if you want exact screening on each repeat.
  16. helloWorld

    The best 'do-it-all' imposing software for Switch?

    @andykent Phoenix (Imposition and Planning software by Tilia Labs) can do all of the above. Dynamic, true-shape nesting, conventional bookwork impositoining, costing, cut-time estimations, no templates, etc... I would be happy to arrange a demo for you -- send me a direct message if you're...
  17. helloWorld

    Thinking of moving to a New Workflow and Need Input

    [Disclaimer...I work for Tilia Labs...] Hi Akaleus, Have you checked out the planning and imposition product Phoenix by Tilia Labs ( Phoenix will handle all of your commercial and wide format work! Further, we integrate seamlessly with MIS systems via our open API...
  18. helloWorld

    Looking for a Imposition solution

    [Disclaimer: I work at Tilia Labs, maker of tilia Phoenix] Hello, AI plugins like PaSharp or DeskPack could be a good fit for you, but you might want to also try out tilia Phoenix (or our new PDF Step and Repeat software, tilia Aries, which we released at LabelExpo — Tilia Labs launches Aries...


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